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Open Thread: Get it off Your Chest

For tonight’s open thread, I thought I’d start us off with some light venting. That way, I can face my Wednesday evening with one less burden on my mind. Feel free to join in so I’m not the only crankypants around here.

I hate when a restaurant changes its format after, say 5 p.m. You know, when the kind of place you can usually just order your food at the counter suddenly becomes a sit-down place. So you’re wondering, Can I still get food to go? Do I order at the register?

There’s this Indian place near me that I love because it gave me the training wheels I needed to enter the world of Indian food. Mainly because at lunchtime it’s cafeteria-style, so I could point at something, try to pronounce it, and then eat it. But after 5, I have to order off the menu, and I kind of awkwardly stand around while my food gets prepared back in the kitchen. I know. My life is hard. I’m just a socially inept person and I don’t like not knowing how things are supposed to work. No sir, I don’t like it.

… And, to cleanse your palate, here’s a picture of a pika. It’s a real animal, I swears.

Pika with foliage in its mouth

Photo: Getty, raysweb

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Vent: I hate the fact that my competency is constantly questioned as a woman, and as a black person. I go to a seven sister’s college, so whenever I tell people that,sometimes they’ll have confused looks on their face, and then they’ll go “oooh, affirmative action, right?”…Yes, that has seriously happened to me…anything I accomplish is never based on my own intelligence or merit in some people’s eyes…hell, a lot of people’s eyes…I’m just lucky because I got a handout, that I didn’t really deserve…It’s painful and seriously makes me scared for the future, especially looking at the inordinately high unemployment rates for black college graduates, and those with black sounding names….

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