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Open Thread: Hedge Maze Edition

It’s time to get lost in the conversational hedge maze that IS a Persephone open thread, team. I hope everyone’s having a good week. And if you’re not: hey, it’s more than halfway over.

And speaking of getting lost, here’s Ms. Deborah Gibson to get us started:

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This is how great my sales skills are..I can’t even figure out how to sell stuff on Amazon and I just had to call a specialist because i clicked the wrong link and I thought I was supposed to send my stuff to amazon.
So..has anyone ever sold anything on Amazon and if so, when you ship stuff out do you have to send it with you address because it creeps me out that there are going to be people out there knowing where I live. Or am I supposed to get a PO BOX now???

I don’t have any advice to offer on manual treadmills, and I don’t know how much money you’re willing to put down, but I just wanted to say that you would be amazed what kind of exercise equipment you can get second hand at a cheap price. All of those “and this time, I mean it” exercisers. . . . not that I would know. . .

So far this week is surreal. After a long talk with my dad over the weekend, I realized that I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore, at least not the kind of lawyer I currently am, so I’m weeks away from floundering around in a full-blown quarter-life crisis. And I’m a bit excited about it! For the first time, I can take a breath and find me. And I’m scared. Really scared. Eek!

Good evening all! I am sitting in bed finishing up my last night of vacation in Queens, NYC. It’s been hectic, and this city vibrates, so I’m feeling happy to go home to my little Arctic town. For awhile anyway. I will miss the frozen yogurt place down the street.

Tomorrow I am on a plane/ in airports for twelve hours! Shazam.

May your airports have wireless and Cinnabon. May the airport bookstores have the paperback you’ve been thinking maybe you’ll read. May the flight attendants be not stingy with the tiny cans of cola. May the seat behind you be not occupied by a small child prone to kicking or tantrums. And may the seat before you be not occupied with a person suffering terrible gas.

GUYS. Guys. If you ever get a chance to fly Porter, DO IT. They’re small, so they go through small airports, and they give you REAL FOOD if your flight’s over a mealtime and GOOD SNACKS otherwise, and they’re not even nasty. Plus if you’re a drinker they give you one free beer/wine when they do drink carts.

One of the most exciting things about moving to Toronto is that neither of the places I’m going to have to fly regularly are off Porter’s grid. They’re a little expensive if you do it spontaneously, but if you’re watching, they have AMAZING sales on a fairly regular basis.

And the attendants are amazing.
The end.

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