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Open Thread: National Pi Day Edition

Do you know why today is called “Pi Day”? It’s because today’s date is 3.14. Get it? You need pi to calculate, um, things in math. Now I’ve tutored kids through learning how to calculate the circumference of a circle – but here’s my question – have you ever had to do it in real life? I can’t ever recall whipping out my pi knowledge outside of a classroom or tutoring situation.

On the other hand, PIE knowledge comes in handy all the time. Yum. Pie. Now we’re talking “¦

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Man, 2011 is kicking my ass. To wit:

– Was asked to withdraw from my honours thesis
– Petitioned for late withdrawal from the course with full support from my department
– Found out that the petition wasn’t granted right on Friday morning right before I had to go to the emergency room for a broken wrist on my writing hand. Am now casted up for 4-6 weeks- just in time to write exams.

Shiiiit, 2011, why you gotta play like this?

I’m still in trouble with my grandmother for making my pies with butter instead of shortening. I don’t criticize her crusts to anyone in the family, and I don’t bring my pies to family events (as the sole vegetarian, my job is always vegetarian protein). But, man, I told her I made pie with butter one time two years ago and that I liked it, and I haven’t heard the end of it since.

So, P’neers, shortening or butter crusts? I find the former lacks flavor and tends to get mushy, but the latter requires a bit more preparation and speed to keep the butter cold. Sooo worth the effort, though.

Hi everyone! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I did not have any pie today for Pi day, but I did have some red velvet cake, and it was, sigh, disapointing. I’ve been spoiled by homemade red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting my entire life, and the store bought cake was a poor substitute :(

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