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OT: Tuesday Delurk-a-thon Edition

It’s open thread time, Persephoneers! You only have to wait eleven short hours for fresh new content since we’ve become Bionic Persephone this week. (insert cool bionic noises here.)  Now that we’ve showered you with words all day, it’s your turn. Lurkers, you’re on the spot again!  Come out of the woodwork and say hi!

To get everyone in the mood for fun, here’s an open thread song to get you going.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Hi everyone. I’m new here and wanted to say hello to you all! You are all keeping me very entertained while I try to drift off to sleep with bf snoring in one ear and new kitty purring in the other. Could be worse ways to drift off I suppose!

Hi everyone, and welcome ex-lurkers!

Last week I asked for book recommendations along four parameters: YA fiction, entertaining, the books should be part of long series (longer than trilogies), and the author should be prolific. Not surprisingly, Terry Pratchett came up.

So, Terry Pratchett fans: where should one get started?

I’m more a casual commenter than lurker, but I am a total moron. To wit: I left my (formerly) fancy video camera outside. For three days. Three very rainy, rainy days.

I had enough sense to not even attempt to turn it on, disconnected the battery and have it buried in a big bowl of rice, but I have no hope that this will fix it.

I kinda delurked already, but as a little introduction: I’m almost done law school, frantically job hunting, bar exam in July … :( And I read a lot, and write a lot, on breaks. And I like to cook. My latest baking failure due to my unreliable oven were lemon bars that boiled!

I think that makes sense – you have infinitely more control over passing the bar (I really recommend BarBri and sticking to a study schedule) than you do over whether anyone is hiring.

Any chance any of your summer jobs/clinic placements are hiring/have leads for you? thats the only way any of my friends or I found full time gigs.

Yep, I’m signed up for BarBri. :) BarBri is also coordinating a sort of “pre summer study” program with my school and I’ve been doing pretty well on the essays and sample MBE questions so far, so I feel confident about being able to succeed. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I can handle it, I think.

Unfortunately, no. :( I interned at the local DA’s office (turned down, they only have a few spots open and everyone wants to work there now) and in a judge’s chambers (she pretty much has a permanent law clerk). I’ve sort of obliquely asked everyone I know for help without actually asking for help… I’m hoping it gets easier after I pass the bar. And my grades aren’t great, which makes it harder. All of my supervisors have loved me, and I know my practical work is good, but it’s still hard to explain away my poor performance in school. :(

Hey, that was me, too – poor grades but great supervisor reviews; I was lucky to have a last semester clinical placement turn into a full time job, and to this day I do not think my boss has seen or cares one whit about my transcript. I think once you pass the bar, you become more desirable as a candidate (especially if you’re in a tough to pass bar state), but there’s a few months of waiting for that bump, which sucks.

I really, really don’t envy you guys in law school now; the market is crummy and there’s not much anybody can do about it. I can’t imagine how frustrating that is.

Do you have any older attorney friends who are unhappy at their firms? My best friend’s husband graduated 2 years ago with great grades but facing the same crummy job market; he wound up hanging his shingle with my friend’s former colleague and it’s worked out pretty well so far. Shingle hanging was always my job-hunting brain’s nuclear option.

If you need any more useless job search advice or need to whine about bar prep (it sucks A LOT, but will be over quickly), let me know.

The only older lawyers I know are sort of not really doing lawyer-y stuff anymore–they’re both consultants of varying sorts. Just my luck!

Oh my gosh, it’s awful. I keep seeing all of these fresh faced kids touring the law school and I just want to go up to them and shake them and go, “I didn’t know it was this bad when I started!! You do!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”

And thank you. :) I will!

Good luck!

IMO, focus on the bar first and then deal with the job hunt. The legal market is still rough, but it is getting better. What do you want to do?

Worse comes to worse, you can look for non-legal jobs or temp (read: doc review). Temping is not the most intellectually stimulating of jobs, but it’s $.

If you have any questions, etc., please let me know (I may be a bit slow in getting back to you, though).

I’m not even going to feign normalcy, but maybe some coherency.

So, I just started season two of Fringe. Omigod, I love second seasons of shows… bigger budgets = better writing (and better styling, hello cute haircut on Peter). But (SPOILERY) Charlie nooo! Also, I almost wrote ‘Fringer’ which would possibly be a terrible show about a crazed hair stylist that insists on feathering and making bangs of everyone’s hair. Everyone’s hair? Is that a thing acceptable in grammarlandia?

Also: intro: things about me: colons are alright: the poetics of internet commenting.

I just got a horrible image where they solve the problems in the universe while simultaneously running a hair salon!


You are going to love the alternate universe team! I can’t remember when they show up so you might have already seen them, but I wanted to be careful in case you hadn’t. The team is just so darned cute!

Hey all! I’m seconding (20th-ing?) being a former Jez lurker. Anyone ever do microdermabrasion before? I got a device thing in the mail today and my face feels so smooth! I’m really hoping this clears up my skin but it’s only been one night. I hate waiting for long-term results!

Hi, all! I’m here from Jez too. Was a lurker/infrequent commenter there for years and am sick of the lackluster content and hate that the new design has made me lose track of some of the wonderful women I followed on there. I think you all came on over to Persephone!

I’m a full-time employee in online education, full-time student, and have subscribed to the kid/husband package.

I got my practicum for next year today! It’s an internship I need to complete to earn my LMHC. Anyway, I’m in Boston (home to a million grad schools) so getting one was SUPER competitive and hellish. I feel like I just won a war.

I’m so happy I could cry. Cry actual tears. Tonight will be my first good night’s sleep in a long, long time.

I suppose I should have done the polite thing and introduced myself before plunging in with my silly question.

I’m new here, an American expat living in sunny Québec.
I’m currently doing my MA in Translation Studies, but my real calling is to be a farmer. I haven’t decided what kind of farmer yet, but the prospect of spending the remainder of my adult life in front of a computer screen fills me with dread.

I also enjoy crochet, cooking, and my newest love, Doctor Who! If anyone can tell me a Canada-friendly online streaming site that will allow me to resume watching the rest of season 4, I will be your #1 internet groupie!

Cool! Are you in Montreal? McGill? I just finished (well, kind of finished… very long and painful story there) my undergrad there.

Hence the hidingincanada part.

I used to do all my illegal downloading from — a godsend for Netflix-less Canadians — but the owner and webmaster got caught by the Feds and are now doing hard time in Sing-Sing. Sigh. Now I rely on that good, old-fashioned stand-by, Pirate Bay.

Er, do you mean legal obtaining of DW eps? Well, I’m not sure.

Yes! I’m actually at Concordia because they’re the only University in Montreal (besides UQAM) that has a graduate program in Translation Studies. Are you still in the area?

What is this pirate bay you speak of? So far, I’ve had some success with Project Free Tv, but they inexplicably stop (or rather, the links stop working) around episode 13 which is when things start getting really juicy!

I’m not necessarily above some illegal internet activity, although I’d prefer options that won’t hound me with pop-ups or viruses!

I’m paranoid, so I’m going to suggest that we avoid talking about illegal downloading in clear terms on publicly readable pages. It is entirely possible that zealous employees of mpaa or riaa do a search and find this page indexed. Then it’s also possible that they will hunt down persephone site operators to get server logs which can identify you, or at least your relative location.

Private messaging instead? Then at least no one will know whether you’re talking about something illegal or not.

Ooh! Gotcha. On this page: There’s a field with a button that says ‘browse’ next to it. Hit that button. That will bring up a menu which will let you scroll through the files on your computer. Make sure you have your avatar saved somewhere you know where to find it, select it and hit enter or upload. That will send your picture to our server and link it with your account.

Hi! I’m kind of a lurker I guess, haha. I don’t usually lurk on sites like this, but lately I’ve been so busy with school that I don’t have time to formulate witty/grammatically correct/worthwhile contributions.

Basically though, I am an aspiring art historian and yoga fanatic. I just nailed eka pada koundiyanasana II (a freaking intense pose that has you parallel to the ground balancing your entire weight on your hands) for the first time last night and I’ve been coming down off of a giant yoga high ever since. Right now I’m in my favorite library spot studying for tomorrow’s Shari’ah Law midterm. sooo fun.

Hi new friend. I’m an art historian and and aspiring yogi, haha. I lapsed in my practice for the last six or eight months and am just getting back, so now I’m tight and super weak through the shoulders again. I’m very impressed by your skills. My goal is to someday pull off the bird of paradise.

Good luck on your midterm!

Thanks! I can get a bind, but it’s tight at the moment, and then I have gawdawful balance. But someday!

I study Italian early modern art; most of my big projects have been on sculpture and architecture. In a few months I’ll be done with grad school and fingers crossed have a job. What about you, do you have an area yet?

Hi! I’ve already left a comment here but have slipped back into my lurking habits (I lurked on Jezebel for a few years). I’m Australian, a history student, hoping to study law next year. I like reading, cooking and rewatching old TV series so I’m really enjoying Persephone!

OK, I’ll bite. I just officially de-lurked on one of the articles, and now a delurking open thread pops up. May as well do it again!

So I’m Medeine, and I came over here after also lurking on Jezebel. And I’m really glad that this site was set up, especially with the articles on books and science – I’m a science grad student who likes to read, so it just makes sense. To introduce myself a little better, I am not only a nerd but am also interested in cooking (and am trying to go vegan), heavy metal, and spending too much time on the internet. And I’m looking forward to making random internet friends to talk about that stuff (or whatever else) with!

I will follow you! And thanks for the forum tip!

I live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. For a population of 20,000 we have some sort of ridiculous fireworks budget that lends to way better productions than I’ve ever seen in any sort of large southern city.

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