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Parenthood: Moving On

Parenthood on NBC finally gave us a new episode last night, and it was worth the wait. The Braverman clan continues to work through long-established story lines, and things are getting interesting.

The show opens with Julia discovering that she’s not yet pregnant. Being the proactive person that she is, she starts to encourage her husband, Joel to go get checked out himself.

Kristina and Adam get extremely nervous when she gets a phone call from Max’s school. The last time they were called into a principal’s office, Max was kicked out of school. At the meeting, they’re informed by the school personnel that Max has made great progress and he’s ready to go back to traditional school. Adam seems pleased by this development, but Kristina is very leery. Her path crosses with Gabby, Max’s former assistant, and after lashing out at her, Kristina spills her guts to her.  Gabby helps Kristina come to the realization that Max is ready to move.

Sarah’s play, her cathartic piece on her family and relationships, has been shared with Zeek, who in turns shares it with a friend “in the business.” Richard Dreyfuss plays a fabulous aging thespian who is interested in reading Sarah’s play. Whether anything will come of it remains to be seen, but it’s a start for Sarah.

Amber starts a job at her Aunt Julia’s law firm, and she’s impressed with what Julia’s accomplished. She makes eyes at one of the other workers there, and blushes when he asks to take her out for drinks. Rather than going for drinks, she’s more concerned about getting into college – which by the end of the episode, we learn isn’t going to be at either her first choice or her “safety” school. Aunt Julia lends a supportive shoulder as Amber realizes her life course needs some re-imagining.

Crosby is still on the outs with Jasmine (duh! jerk!) and in this episode, after really taking the time to appreciate some of Crosby’s good qualities, Jasmine tells him that she needs to move on.

The show ends where it began, with Julia breaking the news to Joel that her test results from the doctor show that she’s got intrauterine scarring, which means that getting pregnant again will be nearly impossible. Anyone who’s been dealt an infertility diagnosis knows what that conversation feels like, and it’s  punch to the gut.

Next week’s preview hints that the topic is prom for Amber and Hattie, which should prove to be the perfect springtime episode.

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I love this show so much. There isn’t a single character in the cast that I dislike, honestly.

The last episode killed me — when Adam tried to take Max to the amusement part and it ended in disaster, and later has a talk with Kristina, I just died. I am not aware of a major TV show that has featured a family with a child with Asperger’s or Autism, and it seems like they’ve done a good job with it.

I’m loving Amber’s storyline now, and although I’m much older than she is, I relate to her feelings of failure and tonight’s episode really hit home.

I love this show. The characters we get to know don’t always do the right thing but we can usually see how they got there.

I know I’ve said it before but Mae Whitman is KILLING ME. In a good way. Her character has me longing to be young again and feeling glad I don’t have to be that age again – at the same time. Plus I wish I could steal her entire look. But I am WAY old enough to be her mother, so I will refrain. I did get some serious power-nerd glasses, though.

I’d love to think MW would enjoy Persephone. If you are reading this, keep up the good work!



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