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Quedate para el Open Thread

It’s Open Thread time! My tummy is full of penne vodka which I totally earned by Zumba-ing my ass off today.  My song to start us off is this cover of the Jackson 5’s “I want you back” by Los Super Reyes called “Quedate mas” which the entire Zumba class went wild for today. So, enjoy!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I’m a grad student in philosophy in my dream school in nyc.

So why am I looking up schools in architecture?


Am I freaking out? Because I’d make a great fucking architect. And it would mean that, despite going back to my undergrad, at least I’d live with my bf for a few years.

Or I’m totally freaking out.

I find that the more furiously I work on a topic, the more I begin to hate it and my eye starts to wander. Case in point: I’m doing my MA, and like you, its in a very theory driven/thinking heavy field. I’m getting so sick of keeping everything in my head that I’m seriously contemplating a school “career” change.

Anyway, maybe you’re being fickle like me, or maybe architecture really is your true calling!

Or maybe you can do both!

I posted this yesterday in the open thread, but it appears I was the last to comment there, so I’m not sure if I was just late on the open thread bandwagon or if no one found it interesting. But I’ll try again here today :):

In light of Persephone’s amazing profiles on amazing women, I’d like to take the opportunity to share one of my personal heroes. She’s a folk treasure from my neck of the woods, and I’m honestly appalled at how little known she is among many of us so-called locals!

I remember very distinctly in 5th grade, there was a new school being built on the other side of town. They held an open competition for naming it. So I sat down and penciled out my 1 page argument on why the school should be called Cotten Elementary (has a nice ring, I think!) They ended up naming it after someone else, but since then, it’s sort of been a personal crusade to have Libba Cotten honored in our town in one form or another!

Who are your lesser known heroes worth learning about?

Just try it! It’s super fun. As lonfg as you’re having a good time, and feel like you’re burning calories, then stick it out for an hour. There was one time where I. Just. Could. Not. Do. It. I was so lost, that I just stopped. I wasn’t effectively working out, so I just left and worked out on the treadmill.

Soooo, what’s going on with the star rating system? I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of intimidating! Now I’ll be mentally pacing back and forth before each time I comment, asking myself “Is this a 3 star or 4 star comment? Or what if no one likes me?! But I must be validated! Get yourself together, woman!”

Anyways. That’s what’s up with that.

How is everyone’s Friday looking?

Dentist in one hour and contract negotiations in 5 hours. My nerves are not entirely happy. But if all goes well with the new contract, I finally can quit my current annoying job that I’ve disliked (well, hated) for over a year now. That would be nice.

What a horrible day this has been! I lost my debit card about two days ago and I was issued a new one. My gym called to ask me about how they were trying to collect their money and what not. So I called to give them the new cc number only to find out that they were now going to charge me double for not paying them on time. I got mad and I said I just wanted to cancel..but of’s about 200 dollars to cancel.I think I’m just going to cancel it because they’re just ridiculous.But those 200 dollars are going to hurt big time given that I work at minimum wage and that’s about my whole salary.

Can you talk to a manager and explain that it was because of a lost/stolen card and not a purposely missed payment? I’ve had card changes before, and people are usually sympathetic to that sort of thing if you explain it. The first person you talk to might not be able to do anything because of company policy, but someone higher up may be able to waive the late fee.

I actually talked to the manager today and I even went in with backup (my awesome father). Turns out the guy I spoke with is the manager and a very rude person. My father doesn’t really speak English and was trying to ask for the receipt of the cancellation and the guy said “Are you telling me how to do my job. I’m calling security”..So I had to ease the situation by trying to tell him what my dad was saying. The guy was such an asshole. Gahh..oh and supposedly I can still go to the gym until the end of next month because they forced me to pay for that as well. I don’t even know if I ever even want to go again.

Evening all!

I was thinking, it would be great to read a Persephone Ladyguide on living alone. I’m actually having a minor freak-out myself because I’m moving into my own place in a fortnight (after having only ever lived with parents/in university halls/with an ex-boyfriend), and I’m worried about adjusting. I’m also worried because my new place is in the neighbourhood of a guy who just broke up with me, but that’s a whole other story.

Does anyone have any advice or stories to share about living alone as a woman?

I lived alone briefly last year. My suggestions? Get friendly with your landlord. If you’re a perfect tenant they will do what they need to help you. Also, get chummy with any nearby restaurants. The Vietnamese place next to my old apartment would walk my orders over unasked. They were wonderful.

I loved living alone. You can decorate how you want, walk around with no pants on, nobody eats your food or dirties your dishes, and if you’ve got a landlord, you probably won’t even have to worry about fixing broken stuff. At the same time, if you forget to buy milk or whatever on your way home, there’s no roommate to call and ask them to get it. Keep your doors locked, make sure your windows are secure, and maybe consider setting up a timer for your lights so that it doesn’t look like the place is empty at night.

Living alone is awesome. Specifically, I enjoyed walking around in my underwear, and throwing impromptu dance parties by myself. Ahem. Anyway.

Get a box of tools, just a small kit with the hammer, nails, philip’s head and flat screwdrivers and whatnot, for minirepairs. You will feel special and proud when you can fix your own stuff.

Put a deadbolt on your door if you don’t already have one, for serious; not just that chain and flip-lock nonsense. And make sure your windows have real locks, or bars.

Have numbers of your landlord, and emergency numbers, on your phone for easy, quick dialing.

And spend some time alone, enjoying a place you’ve decorated, that belongs only to you.

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