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Raising Hope: One Flipflop Short

Once again, there is no new Parenthood tonight, which makes me sad. I did catch the last fifteen minutes of Glee, which was kind of amazing, but I’ll leave that review to Selena. Instead, I’m recapping Raising Hope, that quirky comedy that comes on after Glee each week.

In case you’re not familiar, Raising Hope centers around a young single father, Jimmy, who is raising his daughter (named Hope) while living with his parents and grandmother. This week’s episode opens with Burt (Jimmy’s dad) searching for his shoes so he can get to work. Later that day, Sabrina, the voice of reason who works at the grocery store with Jimmy, brings up the fact that Jimmy should name a guardian for Hope.

Jimmy is incredibly endearing as a well-meaning, yet often clueless dad. Earlier this season when he learned about how health insurance worked, he got a job at the grocery store. In this episode, he makes an appointment with a lawyer to appoint a guardian. I have to say that I love Jimmy’s character. He doesn’t have a lot of resources, but he has his parents’ support, and he’s not afraid to ask questions to figure out what he needs to do to provide for his daughter.I digress.

The exercise of choosing a guardian sends the family into a tizzy, as they learn that they rely on each other in ways they didn’t even realize. The very funny montage of their daily routine includes banging on the outdated television to get it to work (Jimmy’s job), banging on the old washing machine to get it work (Virgina’s job), and ironing very carefully so as not to get a shock (Burt’s specialty).

Tonight’s episode reminded me why I like this show so much — it shows a family working together. Granted, an electrical upgrade to their home would probably solve most of their problems and put them each on the road to independence, but it wouldn’t make for funny television.



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Burt will forever be ChromeArtie for me. Its so strange to see him in another Fox show, but in a comedy role — he was the killer terminator who is reprogrammed to fight Skynet in the Sarah Conner Chronicles. He was incredibly scary on that show and is so sticking charming on this one.

And any time Martha Plimpton can be on my tv screen is a good time.

Such a sweet show. I know there’s a lot of comparisons to My Name is Earl. (i.e. sweet-natured lower-class family with rotating cast of crazy townie characters has life-changing experience: lottery ticket vs baby.)

And it is similar, but it seems like Hope is less about laughing AT the characters and more about laughing with.

Also, I wish to start a petition to bring back the original title of Keeping Hope Alive which is funnier and far superior.

Hope has the best reaction face on TV right now. That is one charming baby.

I love this show, it’s one of only two shows I actually watch the same day it airs. I’m totally with you on Jimmy, too. Last week, with the brother husbands, I nearly peed myself laughing.

Didja know the actress who plays Shelley is half of Garfunkle and Oats, a hilarious YouTube singing comedy pair? Use your Google-fu, you won’t regret it.

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