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Recap: Fringe, Episode 3.18, “Bloodline”

Hey, remember when Fauxlivia got pregnant? And everybody thought it was a bad idea? Well, now she’s having her blood drawn, to see if she’s a carrier for viral propagated eclampsia (VPE), which is what killed her sister. Aw, and her mom, Marilyn, is there with her. There’s an 80 percent chance that Fauxlivia is a carrier, and on the ride home she tells her mother that she’s pretty much accepted those odds. Seems she told her mom that the baby’s father was a one-night stand she met in a bar, but Marilyn is skeptical. Also, Lincoln’s not thrilled about the pregnancy. Quelle surprise.

On her way into her apartment, Fauxlivia looks around as though she’s being watched. Lincoln calls, and we learn that she’s suspected she’s being followed recently. Indeed, there’s an Observer across the street. Lincoln dispatches a security detail to check things out. As Fauxlivia’s looking at a page on VPE (and I thought my husband was the only person to leave the Internet up and running when he’s not home), two men with stun guns take her down.

At Fringe division, Scarlie’s telling Lincoln about his date with “bug girl” (a.k.a. Mona) and wondering why Lincoln hasn’t dated anyone in a while. Lincoln claims he’s busy with work, but Scarlie calls him on his feelings for Fauxlivia. Lincoln is rescued by his phone ringing, but it’s the security detail with news that Fauxlivia’s missing.

At the DOD, Walternate tells creepy-ass Brandon – again – that they’re not going to experiment on kids. Lincoln calls to tell Walternate that Fauxlivia has been abducted since he last spoke to her 40 minutes ago. They’re GPS-tracking her, and a team is deployed to rescue her. In a van, we see a man leaning over an unconscious Fauxlivia. The team follows the GPS signal, only to find that the tracking device has been discarded.

In a hospital room hastily constructed in what looks like a warehouse, Fauxlivia is strapped down and injected with something. The medical team is not made up of Observers, but they do seem to be following instructions from elsewhere, and they’re all wearing surgical masks. Fauxlivia comes to and is given a pill “for the pain.” The doctor asks to be notified “when she’s ready” and leaves. The nurse aims a weird light at Fauxlivia’s abdomen and leaves her alone. Fauxlivia watches as a sonogram image is projected onto a high-tech screen, and then passes out. I could be wrong, but that fetus looks pretty well-developed to be a few weeks along. Huh.

At Fringe, Lincoln’s determined that the kidnapping must be an inside job because they knew about the tracking device. Meanwhile, Altstrid has found evidence of the same commercial vehicle frequently passing Fauxlivia’s house in recent weeks. It’s creepy how much surveillance they have Over There. Or over here, really.

Hey, it’s Henry! Lincoln and Scarlie track down Henry, who admits he’s been checking in on Fauxlivia. (Also, Over There, there’s a new season of The West Wing on TV, and a comic strip called Opus The Peahen. It looks terrible.) After he jogs their memory, Scarlie and Lincoln recognize Henry as the cabbie who was with Olivia when she (our Olivia, that is) was on the run from them.

The medical team checks in on a groggy Fauxlivia. The doctor wants to give her 50 mg of something to keep her knocked out, although the nurse seems uncertain about the dose. Apparently the fetus is coming along as expected. “Shouldn’t be long now,” the doctor says. He leaves and the nurse forces Fauxlivia to take another pill. She leaves and (of course) Fauxlivia spits the pill out. She’s not even quiet about it.

Henry’s telling Scarlie and Lincoln (uh, we need a cutesy name for him to differentiate from Agent Lee from Hartford) how he got involved with Olivia and helped her get back to someone called Peter. When he ran into her again (and she didn’t recognize him), he assumed her mind had been wiped. Lincoln and Scarlie take Henry into custody and start to catch on that the Olivias were switched at some point.

Meanwhile, the OB calls Marilyn when she can’t reach Fauxlivia. There’s no HIPAA Over There, so the doctor tells Marilyn that her daughter is a carrier. She tells her to have Fauxlivia contact a trauma counselor, and call the doctor back to schedule “the procedure as soon as possible.” Marilyn wistfully watches a happy family playing with a kite in the park.

Back in the creepy warehouse, Fauxlivia plays possum and, once she’s alone, tries to use a scalpel she’s filched to undo her restraints. That plan falls apart when she’s seized by sudden abdominal pain. Ew, her stomach’s all gross and wiggly. The nurse rushes in and pages the doctor to tell him they’re ready. Fauxlivia asks, “What are you doing to me?!”

At the DOD, Lincoln brings Walternate up to speed. He asks if the Olivias were switched and Walter admits it. He says Lincoln wasn’t told “because it was classified.” He says the other Olivia (ours) was “sent home.” It didn’t happen quite like that, buddy. Walternate tells Lincoln that Fauxlivia is pregnant with his grandchild. Lincoln looks shaken by the news. He wonders if Fauxlivia was “taken by invaders from the other side.” Walternate says that it’s possible. Walternate seems to think Fauxlivia was abducted because of him, and is reminded of Peter’s kidnapping years ago. He agrees to lay bare the classified case details so Lincoln can find Fauxlivia.

Meanwhile, Fauxlivia, who is now heavily pregnant, is wheeled into another room, past typhoid vaccine posters and what looks like small cages. They’ve given her something to make her ligaments “supple” and started expanding her joints. What. The hell. The nurse is worried they’re moving too quickly into “Phase Two,” but the doctor tells her they’re on a timetable. The nurse gives Fauxlivia a fifth transfusion as directed.

Some time later, the nurse escorts Fauxlivia to the toilet. Fauxlivia asks the nurse about her “calling” as an obstetric nurse and tells her there’s a chance she could die in labor like her sister did. She says they’re going to end up killing her and the baby, and asks the nurse to simply leave her alone long enough for her to escape. The nurse appears to think about it, but tells her the next phase starts in 22 minutes, so get pissing already.

Altstrid is told about Fauxlivia’s pregnancy, and goes off to use that information to try to figure out who their mole is. Because something with percentages and variables, and I don’t know. Science, man. Lincoln has called Marilyn in. Scarlie tells her they think the kidnapping has something to do with the pregnancy. Marilyn starts freaking out about how she can’t have the baby SHE CAN’T HAVE THE BABY like, chill. As far as she knows, how is that even a possibility at this point? Unless they’ve somehow managed to accelerate the pregnancy and Fauxlivia is due any minute now, which is, you know, true, but Marilyn doesn’t know that.

On the way back to the gurney, Fauxlivia uses the restraints and the scalpel she swiped earlier to attack the nurse and get her to unlock the door. It’s pretty bad-ass, actually. She escapes and comes out onto a street in what looks like Chinatown, at night. She tries to get the attention of someone cleaning up inside a restaurant, but has no luck. She’s again gripped by pain and collapses. Somehow, she manages to get herself to a pay phone across the street.

Lincoln is escorting Henry to his cab when he gets Fauxlivia’s call. I don’t know if she made a collect call or what, since that hospital gown didn’t have any pockets. Anyway, she starts describing the street she’s on and tells Lincoln she’s in labor. She drops the phone as an orderly starts walking toward her, and heads for a crowd of people that have appeared out of nowhere. Lincoln starts tracing the call, and Henry says he can get him to Fauxlivia fast, since he knows all the shortcuts. Ah, fictional cabbies.

Fauxlivia collapses as the crowd of idiots gawks. Now, I’d probably be running like hell, but if you’re going to stand there, do something. One lady is seriously like, “What’s wrong with you?” Really? Pregnant lady, in a hospital gown, grabbing her stomach and screaming in pain. You do the math. As Henry speeds along, Scarlie’s on the phone telling Lincoln about the danger Fauxlivia’s in if she’s in labor. Henry and Lincoln find Fauxlivia and get her inside a store, onto the floor. Henry delivered his daughter in his cab, so he kinda sorta knows what he’s doing. He talks her through the freakishly rapid delivery as Lincoln supports her. Lincoln tells her he loves her (not appropriate, Lincoln), and she makes him promise to save the baby.

The baby is born and Fauxlivia dies for a second – but it’s a miracle! She’s alive! And her baby is remarkably clean! (Is it wrong that I was hoping one of them would die? So that maybe this storyline could also die?) The crowd of useless morons watching through the storefront window claps as the medical team pulls up. The nurse Fauxlivia attacked is also there, and walks away looking annoyed.

At the hospital, Scarlie tells Lincoln that Broyles would be proud. Aw, Broyles. Walter arrives and learns they haven’t yet found anything at the building where Fauxlivia was held. They’ve put a Secret Service detail on Fauxlivia and the baby. Walternate doesn’t want to take any chances. After Walternate leaves them to go see the baby, Scarlie and Lincoln wonder what else they’re not being told.

Fauxlivia’s explaining to her mom that the virus couldn’t replicate quickly enough to keep up with the accelerated pregnancy. Science. She tells her mother she isn’t ready for motherhood and asks for her help. A nurse wearing an old-timey hat comes for the baby and Marilyn asks to tag along. I thought they were going somewhere, but the nurse just wants to take blood. She gives the sample to someone – and it’s the orderly who was following Fauxlivia! Oh noes. The orderly hands the sample to someone in a stairwell, and an Observer watches, unobserved. “It is happening,” he tells someone on his communication thingy.

Walternate watches Fauxlivia and the baby from outside the room. Brandon walks up and asks Walternate why he told Lincoln so much. Walternate says he didn’t want to arouse suspicion by lying, and he trusted Brandon not to fail. Brandon says he didn’t, and hands Walternate the baby’s blood sample! WTF? Let me see if I have this right: we’re supposed to buy Walternate as not evil, or at least morally ambiguous, because he refuses to experiment on children (which, of course, Walter did)? But he willingly put his grandchild in danger for whatever the hell scheme he’s got going on? Right. Not buying it.

Next time – in three weeks – our Fringe team uses LSD to get up to some Inception­-style shenanigans in Olivia’s mind. Looks like good times.

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OK, now that I have more time to sit and read the recap again, I have to say that this episode gave me a headache, what with all the science and everything.

The shortcut thing? WUH? Unless the layout of alterNYC is not a grid, then I’m utterly perplexed at the idea of a “shortcut” to Chinatown. Also, Henry knows exactly where Fauxlivia is based on a Chinese Dragon or someshit? What? No, shut up. I’m glad Lt. Daniels was able to find Bubbles a job after The Wire, though!

Let’s hope the remaining episodes get A LOT of editing in the next three weeks, because, yikes.

I’m thinking we’ll find out that the new baby is actually the one who’s supposed to power the machine, and maybe Walternate realized that and is trying to speed up his growth to get him to an age where he looks like Peter.

Oh dear god. Is there going to be an awful scene where Peter fights with his son, who is also played by Josh Jackson? But they’re wearing the same thing so WHO DO WE SHOOT? I really hope not.

I don’t think the baby will be the one who’s actually supposed to active the machine, but I do think Walternate wants to see if he can use him for that purpose, which is why he was in such a hurry to, um, feed him growth vitamins.

And my ridiculous plotline of the day is this: Fauxlivia’s mom has been replaced by a shapeshifter and was in on the whole thing since the start.

Oooooh I love this show. Have seen every episode since S1. Own every DVD set available. AHEM.

You know the guy in the Buddha mask that Fauxlivia sees when walking through the streets of Chinatown? Now, remember the Buddha book Peter gave to Olivia (our Olivia, although originally meant for Fauxlivia)? The quote shown on the screen said “If you ever meet the Buddha walking down the road, kill him.”


And I’m so happy that Lincoln and Scarlie are finally getting suspicious of Walternate. He and Brandonate are so evil.

Am I the only person who thought Lincoln’s feelings for Fauxlivia came out of left field, or am I just completely oblivious?

My theory is that Walternate wants to clone his grandkid so that he’ll never lose him like he did Peter. Or maybe to create a mutant race. One of those two sounds legit.

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