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So I noticed a lot of chatter about Christian Bale (and his rather interesting career) popping up after his recent Oscar win. While this causes many women’s minds to drift dreamily to his role as Laurie in 1994’s Little Women, I can’t help but think of his role as a scrappy New York City paperboy in Disney’s Newsies. In honor of that delightful film, I’ve picked a song that may not feature our boy Jack “Cowboy” Kelly too prominently, but is an inspirational way to end this lovely Wednesday. Seize the day, Persephoneers!

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I just came to say that the Europe news roundup was awesome, and I hope it’s going to be the first of many Europe-focused articles. In light of this I wondered if Persephone could possibly (please, please, please!) have some coverage of the Eurovision song contest on 14th May?

All I can say in support of this is that coverage could feature awful music, amazing outfits, national rivalry, bloc-voting, and the opportunity to dissect each nation’s eurovision voting habits in light of their political relationships with the other countries. It’s like election season, but better, because the winner doesn’t have the capacity to mess up your life after they win :)

I survived chaperoning an elementary school trip to a symphony and I was wondering why my group was so rowdy and excitable… Then my son informed me that he had ‘handpicked’ our group from his best buddies and that explained it all. Next time, random group assignments, if only to make the sole little girl in the group more comfortable!

I’m so happy. There was a post in the livejournal community “customers suck” where the OP posted about kids using motorized carts who didn’t need them. How does she know they didn’t need them? She asked what was wrong with them.

The amount of people who were like “Um, no, you’re definitely in the wrong there, OP!” was astounding. The personal anecdotes about people’s mothers being ashamed to go grocery shopping because of an invisible disability and being questioned about the use of the carts? That was kind of heartbreaking.

The thread is here:

Ahh….yes. Newsies is the best film ever and I remember the tragic day when I realized that all the boys in the film were twice my age already.

So many beautiful males in that movie.

Let’s take a page from Newsies and “Seize the Day” today shall we ladies?

Anyone from the UK here who has seen the second episode of ‘Silk’ on the BBC? (law/court drama and still on the iPlayer)

I know that might be a stretch but I really don’t know what to make of the way they dealt with the rape case in that episode.
So far it also seems like a fairly realistic portrayal of a woman’s decision to have an abortion, certainly the first time I have seen that on UK TV.
In case you’re wondering, the abortion and rape are not the same story line.

Christian Bale appears to have be, on occasion, quite a nasty man. Now, in my view, you can be as hot as the sun, but if you are mean,or arrogant, then I am not interested.

In short what I am saying is: I understand that there are people out there lusting for Christian Bale, but I don’t really get it.

You guys. YOU GUYS. I’m just translating the most infuriating thing I’ve read in a long time. Written by a Danish politician, who wants to be a MP (there are elections this year).

It starts like this:
1. I accuse women of being basically without morals and honor. They are full of love for those close to them, but they do not have moral and honor. Ask any woman about what she thinks about subjects in that public debate, and her answer will mirror her own interests, the interests of those close to her and nothing else.

2. Therefore, I accuse women of not being able to build and maintain a healthy human civilisation. If all people always only had their own best as highest interest, our world would crumble in fights, gossip and war.

3. I accuse women of being caught in the power of their feelings and being without contact with their intellect.


His name is Ole Birk Olesen.

Ha! I love this quote: ‘I wrote this text before I was a MP candidate. Now I would not formulate it the same way.’ So: he still believes it, he just wouldn’t say it that way any more.

What astounds me is that he thinks he can win any kind of vote when he’s alienated over 50% of his voting base. This suggests to me that he is either the world’s most naive politician, or phenomenally stupid (or perhaps a conmbination of both).

The fact that he doesn’t have a good grip on his facebook privacy settings (when I just Googled his name and followed a link to his facebook page, I was able to view his personal wall) suggests that my impressions are correct…

Christian Bale is definitely someone I’d like to roll around in the hay with, as my Auntie would say.

However if he does not soon shave off that mangy beard, he and I will have to take some serious time apart.

Who’s awake? It’s morning here and I’m on my second cup of tea. I have a big project to finish today but I am having trouble with the ah, motivational aspect of beginning the work.

I am! Up early writing – or at least, ahem, sitting at my computer and thinking about writing. I decided to check out the open threads and tumblrs while I drank my coffee, and I got sucked into it. I should really stick to my “no internet before 9 am” rule! This is something I’m still struggling with: on the one hand, I like to have some time to myself at the beginning of the day, to have a good breakfast while I check out my Google Reader or watch the news on tv. On the other hand, I sometimes lose track of time and end up feeling like “I can’t believe I got out of bed at six in the morning to watch TV/surf the internet for an hour!”

What’s your project on, and why are you feeling unmotivated?

Oh I hear you. I like to wake up slowly reading the blogs and the news before I begin working. But sometimes… well.. sometimes that period can extend a bit too far into the working time.

The project is a research document I’m doing and it is not so interesting for me. I am almost done, too, so it seems like I should just gear up and finish it off. But knowing I’m near the end of the rainbow sometimes slows me down, you know, like “Oh, I’ll just finish this off right after I read 10,000 posts on PM,” or somesuch.

How’s the dissertation coming? Are you nearing the end? Or is that a horrible question to ask.

Haha, I know EXACTLY what you mean about slowing down, I always, ALWAYS lose steam in the final stages of a project, whatever it is: studying for an exam, writing a paper, cleaning the house, playing Wii (I usually end up losing the game after being one point away from winning)… and it gets even worse in the case of long projects, like my dissertation. I am a perfectionist, and it is extremely difficult for me to not waste half an hour trying to craf the perfect sentence. The problem with this approach is that some parts of my dissertation are ready to send to the printers’, but others exist only in my head. So at the moment I’m trying to focus on finishing an imperfect draft, so I have something tangible to work on, edit and add to.

But hey, at least I’m writing, which is more than I can say for the past few weeks when I was dealing with a serious block, so I’m happy about that.

Isn’t it amazing how, suddenly, you can become obsessed with needing to clean the bathroom or something, SO BADLY, when you’re supposed to be working? On Saturdays I never feel this deep pull toward cleanliness.

I’m glad you’re through the writer’s block that’s key. And yes. Once you get it all down on paper–even if some of it is sort of terrible, you can much more easily go through and rework. When I’m writing a draft sometimes I’ll implement a no-backspace rule. This is very painful, but darn if it doesn’t get stuff on the page!

However, it’s been a longtime since I wrote something as long as a dissertation. Wait, I have never written anything that long! What a daunting project.

Haha, your “pull toward cleanliness” made me laugh out loud: I have mastered the technique of line-drying my clothes with minimal crumpling, so I only stop to iron my clothes a couple of times a year… mostly when there’s a project I want to put off.

The no-backspace rule sounds very interesting! The only time I managed to do that was when I was working on a translation and I didn’t have to come up with the actual content: I would just look at the text and try to type it in my language as quickly as possible, then go over it again tweaking words and expressions to make it sound academic. My goal in life is to get to write my own stuff that way.

Hmmm, collage can be fun and cheap – use old greeting cards or catalogs or ads, add some glue or rubber cement, and make pretty art, or cover useful things (jars for pencils, lap desks, etc). I just made a phone stand out of cardboard from this pattern and covered it with black and silver paper. It came out really nicely and it’s very useful!

I really want to get into knitting. I see all these awesome hats and scarves that people make – or alternatively, awesome scarves and hats in stores that I want to rip off – and wish I knew how. But I don’t like learning skills. If I’m not instantly good, I get frustrated :P

Really? I started recently and I was shocked at how much it cost just to finish a scarf. A set of needle and two skeins of half-way decent yarn set me back a good $45. Granted, I can reuse the needles, but yarn–unless you’re going for the unpleasant acrylic stuff–doesn’t come cheap. Maybe I should try crocheting instead.

Like I said, it’s really easy to get sucked into expensive yarn. For people who are just starting out I usually recommend the cheap stuff for two reasons; there’s less pressure to make something perfect – if you mess up you can scrap a project without feeling like you’ve wasted a lot of money, and acrylic is the easiest yarn to work with so you can learn the techniques without dealing with extra complications.

In the cheap acrylic world, Caron Simply Soft is my favorite. It usually costs about $3 for a big skein, it feels nice and it washes well.

Do not take up wine tasting. I made that mistake a few years back.

What other sort of things do you like? If you enjoy the outdoors you could try something like birding / birdwatching. Papercraft (snip snip) requires just paper and scissors. And with origami you don’t even need the scissors (I love origami because it’s so easy to surprise people with).

If you like ‘reading’ people, palm-reading or Tarot or astrological charts might be fun.

And I like the collage recommendation, too.

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