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Shake It Up In The Open Thread

I am opening tonight’s open thread with another song from my Zumba class.  1. Because I like it, and 2. Because I am proud of myself for asking the instructor for the name of this song, even though I felt like I had been really awkward the last time I spoke with her and wasn’t looking forward to another awkward interaction. It was still kind of awkward, but I got my song, so who cares?  Did you do anything you didn’t want to do recently and it paid off?  Talk to your Internet friends about it in the OT!

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There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Slaybeau is an anthropologist who has lived extensively in India — I’ll point him to your question and have him give you some advice.

How long are you going to be going for? I visited SB in India about two years ago and we took two weeks to travel. I landed in Delhi, so we did the Taj, which I don’t think you can go to India and skip, and then traveled south to where he lived in Ponducherry. It was a lot to pack into two weeks, but totally worth it.

Happy to help, but golly you don’t give me much to go on. Let’s start with how long will you be there and when are you going? Is there a PM function here…? Well, whatever the case, I’ll await your response before spinning off into my favorite things.

I got in to Mensa! BF and I tested kind of for fun/kinda because his dad kept badgering him to last weekend but the ladies who gave the test made it sound SO FUN that I then was prepared to be really sad if I didn’t get in. I hope he made it too so we can go to conferences and play boardgames together.

Suggestion from a lurker: I’m usually wandering about the blogosphere during work hours and much less after; I keep coming here in the morning and going ‘rats! missed the open thread, I would have liked to babble at these people!’. Maybe they could start in the afternoon and continue on into the evening? Just a thought.

Lurker awaiting exit from the cave

The open thread actually does continue until the next day when posts start to appear around noon. It’s mostly that not a whole lot of people are around at those hours (myself included… just on while I wake up so I can get ready for work)

I am currently doing something I do not want to do: writing a statement of interest for a job I REALLY FREAKING WANT! It’s not that I’m being lazy or anything, it’s just taking me soo long to write because I’m over-thinking every single word. It also doesn’t help that this is one of the first statements of interest I’ve had to write. The last one I wrote was for the graduate assistantship that I currently have.

So I’m about to finish my coursework and GA job in May and I’m on the job hunt, obviously. The problem is that every job I’ve had since I was 16 I was either asked to apply or I had a connection with the employeer that helped me get the job. Thus, I’ve never applied for a job and been rejected. What’s stressing me out is I know that I need to accept the fact that I will probably get rejected (many times?) before I find a big kid job. It just sucks that the job I am currently applying for is a step in the right direction to my dream job and the rejection is going to be rough.

Are you me? Judging by your first paragraph you are, since that is exactly how I spent my day. I just now finished tweaking my resume too. Now that you’ve accepted that fact that you may be rejected don’t dwell on it lest it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Deal with the rejection if and when it comes and only then. But even I can’t take my own advice, I’m so nervous for my interview tomorrow I just know I wont be able to sleep tonight.

I’m about to dye my hair for the first time in my life. It’s only a semi-permanent temporary dye and I’m not bleaching my hair, but still, it’s a first.

Why am I doing this? So the Hipster Ariel costume I’m making will be correct. I’m also taking apart a prom dress and turning it into a tail without the help of a sewing machine.
It’s possible I’m being a little to ambitious here.

I wrote about 6 more page of my thesis today! This week is spring break but I’ve been working pretty much all day every day and really didn’t feel like it today, but I’m glad I did – my as-close-to-completed-as-possible draft is due tomorrow (with the for-real deadline for the completed rough draft in another week), so I only have some small bits to write tomorrow before sending it to my adviser.


Sorry for the caps. I am freaking excited. We leave on a 7am flight for Florida to visit my grandparents tomorrow. I am super excited. I am sure we’ll have had our fill of each other (my grandfather loves to poke me – literally and metaphorically) after five days, but GOD I NEED A VACATION SO BAD!

It started with an awesome happy hour with some friends and acquaintances that I actually like. I’m pretty much packed to go, and I’m trying to start up a gif party on tumblr, which I joined yesterday and am now sort of a little hooked on.


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