Slutty Sunday: We’re Big Sluts! Good For Us!

We’re a bunch of sluts. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Women on Ice

As you’ve probably already learned first-hand, there’s almost nothing you can do that WON’T result in you getting called a slut by someone. Sleep with ten guys? A hundred? One? Go to third base on the tenth date? SLUT. Virgin, but wearing a short skirt? SLUT. Spotted talking to the guy your friend likes? SLUT.

There’s a contingent of Libertarians on Tumblr who like to talk about personal freedoms and rights and civil liberties, and then turn around and say women who get abortions are sluts and if you don’t want to be called a slut, don’t sleep around. (Quoth one: “Don’t do things that society doesn’t approve of. Simple.” Another: “Don’t want to be slut-shamed? Don’t be a slut.” Another: “Don’t fuck random guys you meet, and who the fuck cares?” Yes – a derailing and slut-shaming double whammy!)

Instead of letting rape culture get perpetrated by a bunch of hypocrites (“individual rights … unless you’re doing something we don’t like”), the Tumblrverse – at least, the contingent made up of Persephoneers and other awesome feminists – declared it “Slutty Sunday.” Because we can’t win. We’re all sluts no matter what we do. Someone sent me a note being like, “Why are you writing about sluts … I am not a slut or slut-affiliated.” Um, yes you are. We are all affiliated with sluts, to say the very least. I can say with certainty that by reading my blog and Persephone, you are consorting with known sluts.

I got called a slut starting around 7th grade. In high school, someone wrote “(my name) = BLOW JOB” on a cafeteria table in Sharpie. I’ve fooled around in cars, locker rooms, malls, and forest preserves. I’ve slept with guys on the first date, including the one I’m marrying this fall. Though I’m currently a boring monogamous person, I have lived a proud, slutty life.

So fuck ’em. Fuck the guys (and women and other genders) who would judge you because you want to have sex for fun/talk to a man/show some legs or cleavage. Our bodies, our choices. Being a slut is a totally valid life choice (as long as you’re being safe!). Own your sexuality or lack thereof. And join us on Tumblr next Sunday night for a reprieve of #sluttysunday, where we posted pictures of people we would happily be sluts for. Mine was Chris Pine. Hnng.

By STFUConservatives

Jess, the mastermind behind STFU Conservatives, is a bike-riding hippie liberal who lives in West Hollywood. Her favorite political issues are abortion, marijuana, health care, and class issues. Her favorite apolitical topics of conversation include small dogs, Diet Coke, and extensive TV viewing.

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Excellent article, thank you! I do take issue with one part of it though: “Being a slut is a totally valid life choice (as long as you’re being safe!)”

Being unsafe is still a valid life choice. The folks being unsafe are usually the ones marginalized by other social factors, and saying their choices aren’t valid unless they fit into this paradigm isn’t helpful. It sucks that people choose to be unsafe, for whatever reason, but denigrating those choices instead of examining why they happen and how they might be changed is not helpful–and it further marginalizes people who are already pretty marginalized.

Epic slut, here.

I once overheard a group of my (female) co-workers talking about my sluttiness (even though I was–and still am–in a monogamous relationship at the time). Their proof? That “shade of lipstick” I was wearing when meeting with the corporate head-honchos…

Also, I have giant boobs and wear 4-inch heels to work. SLUT!

The vast majority of the sex I’ve had has been casual / outside of a relationship / just for funsies, and people have definitely gotten judgy and name-call-y about that on numerous occasions. I missed sluttysunday but will be sure to post lots of pictures of the guys and gals I’d slut it up for next weekend. :)

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