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TDG: 3/17 Happy St. Paddy’s Day + TURTLES *UPDATED*

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, where we in America decide everything can be dyed green while we get shitfaced on cheap beer.  We’re classy like that.  So instead of posting a bunch of pictures of clovers and whatnot, I picked turtles.  Because turtles are cool.


This little fella is named Sidney, and he belongs to mxandb.  He’s a tenacious dude, apparently he spends at least half an hour a day trying to knock over her boots so he can crawl on top of them.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Any Persephoneers out there have water turtles? If so, do your little guys do what I like to call the “Bullwinkle Wave”? [In case that title isn’t descriptive enough, it’s basically when he swims up to the glass and puts his front claws up next to his face and kind of wiggles his “fingers”. Mine does it and it cracks me up!]

Turtles, tortoises, and terrapins for the win!

In China and Japan turtles symbolize wealth and longevity. There’s a Japanese version of Rip Van Winkle, Urashima Taro, who rides to the bottom of the ocean on a turtle.

Nitpicky beyotch here. #3 and #4 are tortoises, land “turtles”. One day I want to have a Russian tortoise. They’re super cool and very quick movers. Musta been a Russian tortoise that beat Aesop’s hare.

Hmm… At first I was going to tell you he’s a tortoise because I was operating under the assumption that the major difference between turtles and tortoises is whether they are land- or water-dwelling. However, upon doing more research on the matter, I’m a bit stumped as well.

If it helps, I think #3 is a box turtle…

So I asked my token herpetologist friend about the difference between a tortoise and a turtle, and here was his response:

Most turtles, like box turtles and pond turtles (not sea or snapping turtles), are in the family Emydidae and tortoises are in the family Testudinidae. Both families lie within the order Testudines. If you were to say all Testudines are turtles, you could say that tortoises are a kind of turtle.

Don’t know if I’m any more enlightened, but there you have it!

In layman’s terms:
Really, they’re just two closely related turtle groups… Box turtles in particular are “turtles,” part of the Emydidae, that simply have some tortoise characteristics. Also, there are plenty of terrestrial “turtles.” And no aquatic tortoises.

And I’ll stop hounding you with tortoise v. turtle info and agree that #3 is cute!

When I was a kid my dad would bring me home painted turtles from the golf course. He would catch them when they hatched and were toddling towards the pond. They were always eensy and adorable; we’d feed them worms from the garden. After the summer was over I’d let them go back in the pond, usually with my initials painted on their backs.

The snapping ones are scary!

Swimming up north (in Canada) last summer…and all of a sudden there was this floating log coming towards me.

Not a floating log, apparently. A snapping turtle. It went on its way, but you should have seen how fast everyone jumped out of the lake. Except me. I was that lazy.

When my brother and I were younger, there was a little pond across the street from us that we would sometimes fish from. Since we were young and didn’t like touching worms, we would use chunks of cheese. (It is amazing how many fish you can catch with cheese, try it sometime). Anyways, my brother cast his cheese line into the pond and a few minutes later reeled in a giant, mean snapping turtle. We were so scarred we dropped our poles and ran back into the house so our mom could deal with the scary turtle.

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