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TDG: 3/2 (And Answers to Last Night’s Trivia)

Happy Wednesday Persephoneers!  We’ve got all kinds of good stuff in store for you today, including Round 2 of  Middlemarch Madness (Yay!).

First up are the answers from last night’s trivia:

Waving Polar Bear – Massachusetts, Large Metal T. Rex – New York, Spotty the Dog – Connecticut, Babylonian Fertility God – New Jersey, Big Fries, Hot Dog, Shake – Tennessee, The Unbelievable Mystery Hole – West Virginia, Sloppy Giant In Ill-Fitting Clothes – Pennsylvania, Oversized Rocking Chair in a Field – Georgia, Shark Wedged in a Building – Maryland, Giant Nutcracker Head – Virginia

*Bonus – The waving polar bear is the is the only one of these bits of oddness that we actually saw (although I wish we had seen the Unbelievable Mystery Hole, just so I could tell you what it is).  He lives on top of the Polar Beverages company in Worcester, MA and I have been waving to him my whole life.  We pass him whenever we go to visit my grandparents, and the trip just isn’t complete if we don’t get a chance to say “Hi” to Polar Bear.  While searching for a good picture of him (he’s the one picture from Wikipedia, BTW) I found out his name is Orson, and he has been up on that roof, in some form or other, since 1902.

For today’s Daily Goodie, I’ve selected a video that combines three of my favorite things;  Steve Martin, The Muppets and banjo.  If you are not a banjo fan, I have included a second goodie entitled “Hilarious Muppets Bloopers” that you can watch instead.


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I have driven past the Mystery Hole, but alas, we did not have any cash and we weren’t sure if they took credit cards, so we did not go in. In my opinion, The Hole of Mystery sounds MUCH better and what I would call it if I owned it. We ended up Googling what it was when we got home, because we too were curious. I won’t spoil it here, but it is part of a tradition of mystery holes that used to be spread all over America (and one of the few left).

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