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TDG: 3/29

So rumor has it that it will soon be April, and at some point winter will end. I’ll believe it when I see it. Something I always think of when I think of spring, and specifically Easter, is kites.

We always got kites in our Easter baskets. They were usually in a tree or wrapped on a power line by noon on Easter day, but they sure were fun while they lasted.


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I’ve got a Very Serious Question for everyone.

Now, my hunt has led me far and wide. Each path a dead-end. And, in this quest, I have realized that maybe what I am after isn’t what I truly want.

Basically, I can’t find the shoes I want.

I have this idea in my head of wearing a nice, work appropriate pair of flats that 1. I can wear with socks, 2. don’t look like evil old English teacher shoes and 3. actually fit my feet.

I had previously thought that oxfords would be perfect for me. But who ever designed the oxford is a Moron. Grade A. The shoes look great in a size 6 but in a size 10, they look like Krusty the Klown shoes AND they are narrow as hell. My feet are unfortunately, wide as hell (they’re a little crooked, birth defect thing, genetic? Who knows). So, oxfords are sadly off the list.

But on my slow, sad, floppy footed walk back to my office I realized that the shoe I WANT to wear is Tom’s. I love those shoes. I have two pairs already.

Now, my question – are Tom’s appropriate enough for work? I live in the PNW where our business casual is a little more casual than say New York’s. Can I wear my Tom’s to work? Maybe get a pair that are a little more “fancy” or “discrete” (my fav pair is made from burlap…)

I would give up the idea of wearing socks with them if it meant wearing the most comfortable shoe ever.

Thank you.

My brothers and I used to try to fly our crappy plastic kites on Easter, unless there was snow on the ground. Then we went sledding. I remember being very small with a big plastic Barney kite and being convinced that it was going to kill me.

My parents bought my brothers and I parafoil kites from a shop in Mackinaw City. Those suckers sparked a bit of an obsession with me. I used to make small sled kites out of garbage bags. I now have a small stockpile of ripstop nylon scraps that one day will become a kite. Maybe. Probably not.

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