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TDG: 3/30

Guess what happened to me last night.  An f-ing raccoon came to visit me while I was sitting on my front porch!  I was out there reading and my cat started to growl, so I assumed that one of the other neighborhood cats had encroached upon her territory, but when I looked up a big honkin’ raccoon was edging around her to come say “Hi” to me.  He stopped about three feet away and we just sat there, checking each other out.  I’ll be honest, my brain was pretty evenly split between thinking “Ohmigosh this is so cool!” and “Ohmigosh, what if he jumps at me and chews my face off?”  We stayed like that for a few minutes until I stood up and he decided to leave.  Ever since, I have been indulging in daydreams about catching him so I can pet him, and love him, and call him “George.”

In honor of George, your Daily Goodie is this video clip of two baby raccoons being adorable.  After the clip, we will commence to answering last night’s trivia.  Enjoy!

All Saint’s Day, with her Latin minor, is the winner!  I’ll have to go back and check, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time someone has gotten every trivia question right.  Internet hugs and showers of glitter for her and everyone else who played along.

1.  Ursine – Bear

2.  Feline – Cat

3.  Canine – Dog

4.  Porcine – Pig

5.  Cancrine – Crab

6.  Asinine – Donkey, or Ass

7.  Leporine – Rabbit

8.  Vulpine – Fox (I never remember this one, I always assume it relates to vultures)

9.  Corvine – Crow

10.  Aquiline – Eagle


Photo of raccoon by Darkone, via Wikimedia Commons


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My cat was having a conniption fit the other night, to the point where she sounded like someone was picking her up by her tail. I went to investigate, and there’s a juvenile skunk making its way across our back yard. All of a sudden it stops, and then darts toward the house. The reason: it spotted the huge raccoon that was on the deck (hence the cat freak out) and who was also making his way across the yard. Once it was gone, the skunk resumed its travels and exited the yard. Apparently my back yard has become an expressway for the forest creatures that live near by. I just kept thinking that all we needed was an opossum and we’ve hit the back yard animal trifecta!

So I really, really need to break up with my live in boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. I’m not quite sure of all the things I want to say yet but I figure that will come to me when it’s time to open my mouth (great plan, eh?). What I really need advice on, is when to do it. In the morning before he goes to school or right before bed? Those are pretty much the only two times we see each other. The secret third option is to make him go out to dinner with me on a Sunday evening (if he gets home from his bicycle races early enough) and do it at a restaurant.

What do you think?

Yes, in the morning, when you two are not tired and can hash out the details of the separation all sober and calm-like. Definitely not in public. You seem pretty together but it doesn’t mean he will be… gives him a chance to process this in his way, in whatever way that is.
Also remember, if you’re the breakup-er, and the split is largely amicable (i.e. he’s not done something worth booting him from the house, and he’s not abusive or dangerous in other ways), he might have a tougher time as the breakupee, and you might want to consider being generous about who stays in the place and how you separate.
Of course, all this, not knowing your specific reasons for breaking up. But somethings to consider if the situation applies. Good luck!

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