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TDG: Disney-fied Edition

So, even though it makes me a bad nerd, I have to admit that I had no idea what Sucker-Punch was when I first started seeing the trailer. I honestly thought it was an SNL skit or something. But no! Real movie.

Anyway, some genius went with the whole female-hero thing and mashed up the sound from the Sucker-Punch trailer with scenes from Disney movies. (Ugh, I hate referring to all the female characters from Disney as “princesses” because very few of them are actually princesses, dangit!) Anyway, enjoy!

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2 replies on “TDG: Disney-fied Edition”

I too have been unsure whether Sucker Punch is a real movie every time I see the trailer… mainly because it looks like a movie concocted with scenes from my own brain. Like Zack Snyder went “what would isthisworldprotected like to see in a movie?” Steampunk outer space Sailor Moon Lord of the Rings girls kicking ass, with dragons and robot samurai, that’s what.

That Disney video (hilarious!) reminds me of one someone posted at the other ladyblog once, with Disney scenes played over the sound for the Mean Girls trailer.

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