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TDG: Roller Coaster…of Love?

It’s springtime, and it’s starting to warm up all over the country, which turns many people’s thoughts to what they’re going to be doing during the summer. For me, it means one thing: roller coasters. (Side note: apparently it’s two words? I have been typing “rollercoaster” for a long time now. Mind = blown.) I’ve spent my life between DC and New York, so I’m most familiar with east coast rides, and parks like Great Adventure, Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion and, to a lesser extent, Rye Playland. I’ve sadly never  been to Cedar Point, the holy grail of amusement parks.

So I just thought I’d share with you some of the coolest roller coasters, some of which I’ve ridden many times. I just can’t wait until it’s warm enough for me to cheat death again!

Magnum, a ride from Cedar Point, OH
Magnum, a heart-stopper from Cedar Point, IA
Nitro from Six Flags Great Adventure
The only rollercoaster that's ever scared me: Nitro from Great Adventure
Boulder Dash from Lake Compounce, CT
Gotta rep my husband’s home state: the Boulder Dash in CT. It’s built into a mountain!
The Dragon Coaster from Rye Playland
The Dragon Coaster in Rye. OH GOD THEY’RE BEING EATEN.

So what about everyone else? What are your favorite roller costers?

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I never really liked rollercoasters. I went on one at Adventureland in Long Island that made my back and shoulders really sore and hurt, and it felt irritating. I was too scared to go on rollercoasters that flipped upside down, and though I’ve been to Astroland (now closed) at Coney Island, the Cyclone had been around for so long that I didn’t want to go on it, thinking it would break apart mid-way and kill me. So I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to the really badass rollercoasters, just too scared for my life to get on them.

Space Mountain was fun, but pretty short and not as exciting as I thought it’d be, I was let down.

At amusement parks, my favorite rides have been the pirate ship and the Gravitron, both for the loss of control and being trapped in it. I also enjoyed the Zipper, a ride when you’re strapped into a cage with a couple of other people in a giant mechanism that looks like a coat zipper/Ferris Wheel and are flipped around a lot.

I. love. rollercoasters. (I always type it as one word too). I’m from MD… went to Kings Dominion a lot as a kid. Have always liked the Anaconda and the Volcano. I also love Disney World’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster (lots of dips, pitch black, Aerosmith playing from the headrest). I also like Space Mountain for old-school fun. I would really like to take a roadtrip to Cedar Point, maybe this summer (I currently live in Chicago) because I’ve heard its the holy grail for coaster enthusiasts.

Cedar Point is in OH, not IA, as the Magnum caption says.

Sorry! I hate nitpicking, but Cedar Point and King’s Island are two of the only genuinely cool places we’ve got in Ohio and I’m protective of them.

Seriously, if you’re ever in Ohio, go to Cedar Point. Top Thrill Dragster. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Ooooooh, I should plan a trip to an amusement park sometime this summer. That would be fun. I don’t think there are any super nearby (I’m in the Southern Tier area of New York), but I think there are a few within 2-3 hours.

Okay, so I’m putting together a trip with my friends to go to Seabreeze. Anyone with more experience know good weekends to go? I’d like to start putting possible dates together so people can get it on their calendars.

Yes, I’m THAT event-planning friend.

How appropriate. I had a really bizarre dream last night. A few friends and I were at work doing stuff outside and a tornado sucked us up and we landed in a giant amusement park. There was a huge giant physically impossible roller coaster there that went from one end of the park to the other and looped around the other rides. It was craaaazy. Maybe I’m psychic and knew this was going to be the topic for TDG.

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