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TDG: Sparkles!

It may surprise you to learn that quite often, the Persephone staff meetings (which take place over email and not in the Dream Office that’s in the works) contain some mention of sparkly things. I shan’t go into details because if there’s one thing Frank Morgan taught me, it’s to never let people see behind the curtain.

STILL. It got me thinking about how I’ve been drawn to sparkly things my whole life. I came of age in the 80s, when everything from clothing to jewelry to hair accessories was sparkly. I┬áloved playing dress-up, and the sparklier the better. I believed that anything colorful or glittery was made of real jewels and I would wear my little plastic beads and feel like a princess. In my college days, when boy bands were still on top, my friends and I liberally applied glitter to our faces and cleavage because we thought it would make us more alluring to the drunk idiots that were our dating pool.

Nowadays I’ve toned down the glitter; it’s mostly confined to jewelry and the occasional sparkly top. But I’m still inexorably drawn to all that shines … like a raccoon. AND SO. I am happy to start off your Friday (and mine) with a few glittery, sparkly things. Because my inner sparkleprincess refuses to die.

A unicorn with a sparkly mane
First up, a sparkly unicorn! Because I'm five.
The ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz
Dorothy's Ruby Slippers...swoon. (Bonus background sparkle on Glinda's dress!)
Glittery lipstick
OK, this makes my lips itch a little but I like it
Several disco balls
Let's dance!
Two fingers crossed with sparkly nails
Fingers crossed that you and your photoshopped cuticles have a great weekend!

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