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TDG: The Ides of March

Good morning! It’s March 15th, also known as the Ides of March if you’re a Julius Caesar fan.Today’s Goodie is just a little calendar lesson from Roman times, when the calendar was a little more complicated than it is today. For starters, remember, they were using Roman numerals, not Arabic.

According to the article I found on, the Roman calendar centered on three days each month, which had names as well as numbers:

  • Kalends (1st day of the month)
  • Nones (the 7th day in March, May, July, and October; the 5th in the other months)
  • Ides (the 15th day in March, May, July, and October; the 13th in the other months)
The remaining, unnamed days of the month were identified by counting backwards from the Kalends, Nones, or the Ides. For example, March 3 would be V Nones–5 days before the Nones (the Roman method of counting days was inclusive; in other words, the Nones would be counted as one of the 5 days).
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Can you even imagine? Give me a Google Calendar any day.

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