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The Daily Goodie: 3/22

Good day, Persephoneers!

I am still bursting with Spring Spirit.

Today is March 22nd, which is the earliest that Easter can ever arrive (the latest is April 25th, and this year it’s April 24th).

I’m not quite sure how the rabbit starting getting center stage, but I’m going with it today. All photos are from Stock.XCHNG, one of my favorite places to find photos.


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Hah! Emboldened. Yes. They’re all coming out of the woodwork it seems. I don’t have a lot of experience with them (bunnies, not bunny people), so it struck me.

We only had one as a pet for a week, when my little brother–LilBroBlue–insisted we take home his preschool-class bunny over Easter vacation.
It was fluffy and soft. It also hopped all over the house, hid in strange places, and pooed on everything.

I think Hattie’s’dealing with the grief of your pet’s hatred for you’ post has definitely brought all the bunny owners together this week, and maybe we’re becoming a vocal minority!

I’d love to think that that there’s a correlation between bunny ownership and being a ‘clever, bookish women’, however experience has taught me that their chewing habits mean that bunny ownership and bookishness can not happily coexist.


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