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The Daily Goodie and Bonus Open Thread: New Server Edition

Good morning, Persephoneers! As many of you know, last night we had to make the move to a shiny new server. It was a tad bit more complicated than we had anticipated (as these things tend to be), and so our diligent yet exhausted editor-in-chief and her army of server gnomes need to take some time to regroup and make sure everything is spiffed up and ready for company. So we’ve taken the liberty of extending the weekend one additional day, and hope you’ll join us in this open thread until we’re 100% back in business.

To get us started, and as a tribute to our HBIC getting this server nonsense squared away pretty much by herself, I leave you with some Aretha and Annie Lennox:

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I have a job interview this morning! But, I was planning on going into work early to make up for the time I’ll miss and walking to the interview since it’s only a few blocks away from the building I work in, and my car will be parked in a parking garage that’s a decent walk in the other direction anyway. And now is claiming it’s supposed to rain during the chunk of time my interview is scheduled. What to I do? Just hope for the best with the big umbrella? Tuck my dress into waterproof hiking pants and strip covertly before I enter the building? Skip work this morning entirely to drive and end up staying a couple hours late tonight? Blah.

Thanks, I will. Now is just showing overcast for the next few hours so maybe I’ll luck out, it’s really unpredictable here. I think I’m just going to bring my giant goretex jacket so I can put it over my dress and my bag (don’t want my resume getting wet and runny) if it does rain, and I’ll just apologize profusely for it if I end up wearing it there.

Thank you! Today a lady in my office noticed the ring and asked if we set a date. I said no. Then she asked me when we think we want kids. I said we are not having children. Aaaaand then she said she doesn’t understand the point of getting married if you’re not having kids. Very nice.

Has anyone seen the show “My Child is a Monkey” on the National Geographic Channel? It’s about people adopting monkeys and keeping them as pets. It’s so heartbreaking – there are baby monkeys being separated from their mothers at 3 days old whereas in nature these monkeys would still be breast feeding at 2 years old. Then these monkeys hit puberty, start biting, and these families get rid of them. Stuff like that really upsets and angers me. Do your research people and for God’s sake, don’t adopt a wild animal as a pet!

Okay, that comment probably seems like a non-sequitur so to elaborate: it isn’t exactly the same type of situation, but it has to do with people adopting wild animals and raising them as pets and not understanding that they aren’t always going to act “good,” just because they’ve been raised by humans since infancy. They’re still animals that haven’t been deliberately bred to be compatible with humans.

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