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The Secret, Wonderful World Of Fanfic

There’s a topic which I’ve seen popping up here and there in our comments recently, and that topic is fanfic.  I believe fanfic is an under-appreciated art form, and I think we should change all of that right here and now.  It’s time for those of us that love to curl up with our computer mice and a saucy story about Booth and Bones actually doing it to stand up and proudly declare our love.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, there are fans of almost every type of entertainment we could brainstorm who like to spin their love of a television show, a movie, a video game or a book into something creative.  As the Internet has grown, so has the number of treasure troves of fan-created awesomeness.  Writers, often really good writers, create something called fanfic, and if you’ve never read any, you’re missing out.

Because I love you so much, Persephoneers, I went on a journey through our archives, LiveJournal and to find at least one great example of what fanfic writers can do for many of the shows we recap here.

Big Loveand you never know when to stop by kikis2 (Read the latest Big Love recap by yours truly)

BonesSharing by Squinttoyou (Read the latest Bones recap by Crystal)

FireflyChoices by jane0904 (Read the latest Firefly recap by Sara B.)

ParenthoodBroken Guitar, Broken Home by Marisol Maza (Read the latest Parenthood recap by Sally J.)

My So Called LifeDifferent Directions by PaperPlane1 (Read the latest MSCL recap by hitting your back button and reading the post below this one on the front page.)

Little House on the PrairieOne Day You’ll Find That I’m Right by Daffywriter (Read a LHotP recap here)

The Good WifeFortune Cookie Wisdom by badfluffy (Read a piece on The Good Wife)

Raising HopeJimmy’s Last Chance by Marla’s Lost (Read Sally J’s latest Raising Hope recap)

Veronica MarsGash by Vanessa Galore (Read Luci’s latest Veronica Mars recap and Weevil Love piece)

The West WingOctal by sfchemist (Read my latest West Wing recap)

Doctor WhoAmy Pond Gets Her Man by penmom (Read Devina’s recap of the latest Doctor Who)



By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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First of all thanks for this post and the recs. I know what I’m doing tonight!

Secondly, I LOVE fanfiction (especially smut. PWP’s are like my bread and butter). Like, probably to an unhealthy degree where I will choose fanfic over books. Lately I’ve been reading some (a lot) of Inception, and am mighty tempted to write again.

I think what I really like about fanfiction is the slash. Beyond just the porny side of things, I like that in fanfiction subjects that are still taboo like homosexuality, bisexuality, extreme kinks, and even transexuality are commonplace. Mainstream culture still has hangups when it comes to these things, and it’s refreshing to delve into a piece of fiction that just lets it be.

Anyhow, off to read that Firefly rec!


I’m a lurker coming out of the woodwork to comment on this with my two cents:

I never liked InuYasha, but I LOVED InuYasha fanfic (particularly, Sesshoumaru/Kagome). For an EPIC story, I direct you to “Tales from the House of the Moon” by Resmiranda. GORGEOUS story. I think there is fanfic made about this fanfic, and it has been converted to other languages as well. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge on linking, but here is the URL:

ALL of her stuff is fabulous and angsty, and her smut is toe-curlingly good.

I also love Draco/Hermione, in terms of Harry Potter fanfic, and I HIGHLY suggest Sage’s (everythursday’s) epic: “The Fallout.” It is…poetic. The summary says it all. I lovelovelove her work. I also suggest “The Elephant Walk” and “A Fruitless Year.” Linkage:

Like paperispatient, I too love my smutty fanfiction. ALL of the stories I have suggested have juicy scenes, but I definitely second

Ha! I’m sorry, I meant to put that in. These range from mild (K or T rating) to racy (M rating).
The Big Love story is a Barb POV piece.
Bones is a REALLY SMUTTY Booth/Bones pairing, AU (alternate universe, so not by canon)
Firefly – Jayne + River, after the BDM
Parenthood – one of the teenage characters, I don’t watch that show so I was kind of lost.
MSCL – everyone, it’s post show AU
LHotP – Harriet and Molly, not kinky.
The Good Wife – Alicia and Kalinda
Raising Hope – Jimmy and Sabrina
Veronica Mars – Veronica and Weevil 4evr
WW – whole cast
Doctor Who – Amy/Eleven/Rory

Hope that helps!

After the new Star Trek movie came out I have to admit I had a little fanfic relapse. Luckily the person writing the story that I got hooked on didn’t have very frequent updates so I was able to break away in between updates. Fanfic reading is not conducive to sleep and I need my beauty rest dang it.

I’m kind of a fanfic nerd – I’ve been reading and writing it on and off for about 10 years. I think it’s so overlooked as a place where great ideas flourish and writers can practice in a friendly environment. I also love that it lets you explore so many awesome little ideas presented in the original work but that are never expounded upon. I actually wrote a paper for one of my gender studies classes about gay relationships in fanfic about mostly heterosexual texts (my fandom example was Harry Potter). Most fun I’ve ever had writing a paper.


If you like Harry Potter, read everything by Rhoddlet. She has one of the most distinctive and poetic voices I’ve ever come across in any fandom. Her main site is here but you have to dig a little for the Harry Potter stuff. My favourites are Gold and Ambition, A Little Bit Of Music and Bottom of the Well.

Other Harry Potter recs: A Creature Void of Form by Ignipes, 41 Random Facts About James Potter by xylodemon, and if you have the time to dedicate to a super long, unfinished but absolutely wonderful fic + illustrations, The Shoebox Project.

The Office (US): Five Shameful Fantasies About a Co-Worker by katiemariie, Five Stories Kelly Kapour Never Told by typicrobots and The Countdown to Forever by chibi_care.

Twilight: I know, but I can’t help going out looking for every little bit of fic about Tanya and the other Denali sisters. I find them fascinating. This fic is also helped by the fact that I’m in love with The Waste Land. The Awful Daring of a Moment’s Surrender by corposant.

I have tons more of these if I’m not just talking into the void here. Fanfic is awesome!

Love xylodemon (she wrote the crackiest thing I’ve ever read that’s still actually good) and LOVE Shoebox. It’s so depressing that it got dropped and never picked back up again.

I’m not a fan of the source material, but there’s a pair of Lord of the Rings fics by boz4pm that is seriously some of the best fic I have ever read. They’re called Don’t Panic and Okay, Now Panic and take on the trope of “modern girl dropped into the world of her favorite fandom” in a very “oh shit” way, addressing the practical realities of being in a place where you don’t speak the language or there aren’t modern amenities. Fantastic stuff.

I would just like to say – I mostly like my fanfic smutty, and whew. As with anything writing- or smut-related, you may have to do a little digging, but there are some wonderfully-written and super-hot stories here, and practically every pairing you can think of.

I love you for this, Selena!

I am here to admit that not only do I read all kinds of fabulous stuff, I also write fanfic for the Babysitters Club (and maybe once I did this Hunger Games one that everyone pretty much ignored but I thought was kind of awesome). ANYWAY, I love that fanfic gives you a little window into the lives of minor characters that you only get a glimpse of in canon.

Apparently, when my mom was in high school, she was totally a fic writer/blogger. She would write “lost episodes” of shows like Star Trek in little notebooks, and then she and her friends would pass them around and write comments and have discussions in the pages after the stories. Trailblazer BBCMom!

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