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This Open Thread Has a Case of the Mondays

OK, no, it doesn’t. This Open Thread is Monday’s worst nightmare. This Open Thread is ready to take on the week. This Open Thread is the first Open Thread of Spring 2011! (Technically, spring sprung on Sunday, but this is the first post of the week for me, so I’m celebrating now!)


What are your hopes, dreams and goals for this season?

I need to shed some winter pounds, put away the turtlenecks and get ready for the half-marathon I’m walking in June!

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Get the dog housebroken, leash trained, and more comfortable walking up and down stairs (her vision is poor so the depth perception thing really throws her off) are among the top priorities this spring, but cutting some winter/first-year-of-relationship, all-we-do-is-sit-around-and-cuddle pounds would be awfully nice, too.

Use the diva wash or something similarly ph-balanced for cleansing it. If you have to empty it in a public bathroom, I recommend carrying a water bottle with you to give it a rinse both for sanitation’s sake (avoiding placing old discharge back in your body) and for ease of insertion – it’s much easier to put back in when it’s still wet from washing, in my opinion.

check out the menstrual cups page on livejournal. All the info you could ever want. And if the first way you try to insert it doesn’t work, there are tons of other ways to try.

And enjoy the non-dry vagina, saving money, and less cramps:)

do you have a link? I decided to start it today because I’m heavy enough that I didn’t have to worry about being dry (awkward?) but am still bleeding enough to be able to tell if I’m doing it right before I have to try it on a work day. It seems to be going alright and it’s MUCH more comfortable than even tampons are, so I’m really optimistic, but I think I might want to try a different fold because it’s hard to hold the one I’m using now while I’m inserting it.

I don’t use the diva wash; I’ve found that normal liquid handsoap with no perfume works fine. I also scrub it with an old toothbrush after every cycle which has helped with the staining. It’s weird the first few times you use it so don’t get discouraged if you have trouble getting it in and out at first. The LJ community has advice on other folds if you are having a lot of trouble getting it in with the standard one. You will love it once you get the hang of it!

I love the Diva Cup! It takes some getting used to, but after a while it is so much more reliable and comfortable than tampons are. Practice putting in and taking it out in the bathtub when you’re not menstruating. Use your pelvic floor to push a bit taking it out. Soak in light bleach solution to remove coloration and smells after a cycle. Ask my anything else you need to know! Go Diva cup!

Whoa guys. I mentioned job angst before–I did not get the position I interviewed with and I was pretty upset. But today, I got a call from another company I applied to a month ago. I had given up even hearing from them it had been so long but apparently they’re just now getting around to it. I probably talked really fast because I was so surprised and nervous but she seemed to be impressed with how I spun my experience and sent me to potential hire assessments to take so we could continue with things. This job is even BETTER than the other one, would use ALL THE DEGREES and would have full benefits. I should not get my hopes up because it is so shattering but the thought of getting this is so joy inducing…

This is so unbelievably terrible. It’s like when they released that shopaholic movie during the depths of the recession. Teachers are losing their rights and having their pay dramatically decreased! They don’t need Cameron Diaz’s ridiculous caricature of their profession right now.

Also, gender roles, Madonna/whore complex, and I want to strangle JT with his bow tie.

I think my biggest goal for this season would be to get the fuck out of school. I have one-and-a-half more weeks of undergrad, three finals, a couple of papers and projects left to kick out and then that’s it til some upgrading courses start in July. OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT. I haven’t not been actively in school since… 2008.

Subgoals: Work out so much more.
Use my Groupons, many of which are fitness-based, thereby facilitating the first.
Keep up the willpower involved with growing out two years of a pixie cut
Put out tendrils for fall’s Real Grown-Up Job hunt

My goals for spring:

1) Get my bike fixed. It’s been sitting in the basement since last fall, and before that it was in my aunt’s garage for two summers. It needs a serious tune-up, but I moved back home almost three years ago now. I am no longer in the land of Awful Uphill Both Ways trips. I should really ride my bike again.

2) Get this pile of stuff on my desk under some modicum of control.

3) Actually follow through on my garden plans this year.

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