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This Open Thread Wants You To Know You’re Special

It’s delurkification Tuesday!  Come on out of the woodwork again this week, we promise to show you a good time.  

Here’s an idea for everyone to get you started, and to help our lurkers and newbies find their way around.  If you’re a newbie, post a topic you’d like to read something about, if you’re a veteran Persphoneer, try to find an article that meets their needs somewhere in our archives and link it up.  It’s like a giant scavenger hunt!

Also, here’s some music, because this song has been stuck in my head all day and I’m tired of suffering alone.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Man, I’ve been working all week on cracking some dense language theory for my thesis. There’s some pretty neat stuff in there, though. I’m currently reading Stuart Hall’s work on how language is used by institutions (such as the media) to shape public opinion on race relations by appealing to moral panic and the creation of ‘folk devils’.

Up next: Roland Barthes and the creation of modern myths!

Small victories.
I am going to a CPR training today to get recertified and I was freaking out because I thought I’d have to go by myself. Then 2 coworkers approached me (separately) and asked if I was going, because they didn’t want to go by themselves either.
Yay! Now it’s a little group of us.

Hai everyone,

Working wednesday is almost over where I’m at so a little happy-dance is in order. Anyhoo I’ll try to squeak a bit more over here, since it’s relatively easier to comment than ‘over there’ (i stopped trying, basically). Persephone has been a wonderful ride these past 3 days, been trying to get my IRL friends over -yep I’m new.

Good morning! The sun is shining, I’m making progress on the Finnish market and will now start researching the Swedish market, and it’s my birthday!

So all in all, I’m having a ‘hyggelig’* day so far.

*You’ll just have to google that. Impossible to translate.

I’ll be going to the AGM of my choir tonight – which usually is closely connected to booze and cakes. So that’ll be fun :).
But I haven’t really planned anything else. Somehow I don’t feel like throwing a big party. Maybe I’ll ask some friends, if they want to go out for dinner with me next week. I just want something nice and relaxed, something I don’t have to stress over.

What a warm welcome! I’m also a refugee from Jezebel, where I was a lurker.
Would love to see the occasional critical article on mental health issues. Loved how normalising the social anxiety article was, but would have enjoyed some discussion of the origins of this label coming from a pharmaceutical origin!
As a mental health professional running a group on womens experiences, I’d be interested in having a go at writing the odd article. Can anyone have a go and send it to the editor?

Oh god. I feel scared and vulnerable, yet, oddly safe.

I’ve very new to Persephone, but utterly entranced. Community recaps? Veronica Mar and Firefly revisits!? Middlemarch Madness?! *AND* You want to help me with helpful, how to’s?


I don’t comment much, because I find most of my thoughts are usually articulated by someone else, but I decided to introduce myself because I plan on advocating for my teams in Middlemarch Madness.

What would I like to see? Colin Firth. Naked. Maybe interacting with Tim Roth. But if Persephone can’t make that happen, I’ll understand.

Welcome! I’m not sure if we can help you out with the Naked Firth, but I look forward to seeing your Middlemarch cheering! And don’t worry about someone else already articulating your comments; we want to hear from everyone, even if you’re agreeing with someone else.

Hello all,
I’ve been a lurker on here and another ladyblog. After the community at the other ladyblog started disintegrating I realized how much I missed reading so many insightful conversations about feminism, religion, politics, fashion,etc. and how much I’ve learned over the past year. I haven’t been lurking on Persephone for very long, but I like the atmosphere here.
I really enjoy reading about religion and travel, Hinduism and India specifically.

I guess I’m sort of a lurker since I don’t really comment? But I work all day without internet access and therefore am always late to the comment party on posts.

What would I want to see more of…posts about awesome music like the Black Keys? Or awesome games like Dragon Age? Or an article defending awesome fanfiction? Or if I really wanted to cater the entire site to me, nothing but awesome dairy free recipe guides.

But in all seriousness, I thought the sex week was pretty fun even if I didn’t get to contribute, as well as the grammar guide. I’m glad I found this site.


I also write about working in politics sometimes, too. Here and here are two posts I can think of in particular, but I know I prattle on in the comments all the time about it. I’ve been mentally writing one specific to being a lady in politics for a long time, but it always goes off the rails on an angry rant when I try to put it on paper. Maybe some time soon. :)


I kind of stumbled upon this site through a series of other websites. I’ve decided to stay because of MizJenkins’ awesome article about the race fail that is Jezebel. I love how stimulating all of the articles are. I would really like to discuss what feminism means for women from different cultural backgrounds.

Hi All,

I just found my way here earlier this week thanks to a handy suggestion from another ladyblog. I’ve read through a bunch of articles so far and am loving it here! I mostly lurk and learn but I’ll be around and thought I’d say ‘hello’!

The absolute best show on the CBC Radio right now is the Age of Persuasion with Terry O’Reilly. The man is a genius and he makes for good radio. White Coat Black Art is super interesting, even if you’re not into the health care debate. Q with Jian Ghomeshi is a fun listen. Last but not least The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean is an essential listen.

Can you tell what I do with my time?

I am a big fan of Aveeno. I have really sensitive skin and their products work well for me.

If there is a specific reason you want the toner, like oily skin or sensitive skin, just check the labels for one that is geared toward your skin type. And always go alcohol free. Alcohol isn’t good for anyone’s complexion.

All I can tell you is that I never really got toner (What does it do? Why do we need to use it? Why does it feel tingly and itchy?), and I eventually gave it up when I read a few articles, some of them written by dermatologists, in which they argued that it was not necessary for our skin. The idea was that our skin needs to be clean and moisturized, but that “toning” is basically a meaningless word when it comes to skin.

I think lots of people confuse “toner” and “astringent.” These days, there’s a toner for everything: adding moisture, controlling excess oil, exfoliating the skin, etc. Astringents are typically drying agents that are used on oily skin types. At this point, it seems as though toner is anything liquid used between the cleansing and moisturizing stages of your daily skin care routine. A lot of brands claim that their toners “shrink pores” or “restore pH,” but keep in mind that, for the most part, they can either: hydrate, dry out, or exfoliate (through chemical exfoliation like glycolic or salicylic acid).

I have a dilemma of the heart, friends. I am dating one boy (and living with him, too) and have a mini crush on another dude. I had a wild and long dream last night where fun times were had with both guys (and some other really funny, bizarre stuff that made for a really long and wild dream) and then today I got caught in a conversation with not-BF and it was so. awkward. to look him in the eyes. I’m not about to dump the guy I’ve loved for three years, but this is getting irksome.

The end.

In my experience, the dream-related awkwardness wears off in about a week.

I’ve been with Mr.B for almost ten years, and inappropriate crushes pop up every now and then. My strategy is to trust that I won’t do anything that will jeopardize my marriage and accept that my brain is having a little fun. If it is getting too frustrating, stop fighting the feeling and think it all the way through. I’ve found that no crush can hold up to a realistic examination of all the logistics and consequences.

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