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This Open Thread Wants You To Know You’re Special

It’s delurkification Tuesday!  Come on out of the woodwork again this week, we promise to show you a good time.  

Here’s an idea for everyone to get you started, and to help our lurkers and newbies find their way around.  If you’re a newbie, post a topic you’d like to read something about, if you’re a veteran Persphoneer, try to find an article that meets their needs somewhere in our archives and link it up.  It’s like a giant scavenger hunt!

Also, here’s some music, because this song has been stuck in my head all day and I’m tired of suffering alone.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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I got tooth surgery a week ago, and my mouth still hurts. The doc said it should be another week… Also the other day my eye was majorly hurting, and then it swelled up. It felt like I’d been hit across the face with a 2×4. I asked the doc about this, and he said that the eye stuff was not related to anything in the mouth… But there was a scratch on my eyelid (and face) after the surgery so I dunno.

I guess since it has gone down and doesn’t hurt anymore I shouldn’t worry? I dunno.

They also opened my jaw too wide (I can only open my jaw like an inch wide), and now it keeps popping or painfully sticking if I open it the wrong way.

So I got into a fight with the mister last night. It was a stupid fight over a stupid comment he made that in turn caused me to get pissy. Normally, its not the kind of thing that I would snap at him over, but I’m 99.9% sure that I’m majorly PMSing right now, and I’m not entirely sure I can control those kinds of impulses when its this time of the month.

And now he’s still upset about it. Why? Because even though I apologized for being snappish and admitted it wasn’t fair, he wants to find a solution so that it will never happen again (he’s a very ‘tackle the problem at the root’ kind of guy, which is usually pretty nice, but we’re talking about my biochemical responses here!). How do I even approach this one? Note that I’ve already tried the ‘Honey, I can’t exactly control my hormones’ route to no avail.

So, I got one call back for a part-time gig as a realtor’s assistant. It has the chance to go full time, but I am seriously wondering how long that wait would be, with the market still being rough. It’s a cool chance to learn a helluva lot. But I had an interview last Friday with a chiropractor, to be his accounts specialist. It’s full-time, well compensated, and I’d be using my brains at work, problem solving all day. Plus learning to assist the chiropractor. I want that job bad. I think I might run a thank-you card by the Dr’s today, and do some follow-up. I want that spot, and to not worry about money.

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