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Trivia Tuesday: Animals

I feel kind of nerdy saying it, but this is one of my favorite trivia games.  Below are adjectives based on animal family names.  What animals are we referring to when we say:

Goats are "hircine"

1.  Ursine

2.  Feline

3.  Canine

4.  Porcine

5.  Cancrine

6.  Asinine

7.  Leporine

8.  Vulpine

9.  Corvine

10.  Aquiline


Photo by By Simon Eugster via Wikimedia Commons


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Doing this without scrolling down to see what other folks answered!

1.  Ursine – Bear
2.  Feline – Cat
3.  Canine – Dog
4.  Porcine – Pig
5.  Cancrine – Crab?
6.  Asinine – Ass
7.  Leporine – Bunny
8.  Vulpine – ?
9.  Corvine – Crow?
10. Aquiline – ?

Hmmm, well, feline and canine are no-brainers. Porcine is for pigs. Asinine is is also pretty easy (of or related to an ass). Aquiline is, if I remember my art history correctly, of or related to eagles (hats off to all those hook-nosed Roman busts!). Leporine is of or relating to leopards??? I feel like I should know #1, but it’s escaping me at the moment… maybe I’ll come back to that in the reply!

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