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Trivia Tuesday: Oddball Attractions

Tonight’s trivia was inspired by my recent family road trip. Mr. B and I had some fun on the last leg of our journey brainstorming possible trivia topics and questions.  I felt, however, that I was giving an unfair advantage to our readers who are U.S. residents.  In an effort to level the playing field, I came up with this:

Below are ten weird and wacky roadside attractions from the ten states we drove through/visited.  Can you guess which state each attraction belongs to?

The States

Massachusettes, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia

The Attractions

inflatable polar bear
Waving Polar Bear
large metal t. rex
Large Metal T. Rex
spotty the rock dog
Spotty the Rock Dog
babylonian fertility statue
Babylonian Fertility God Statue
Big Fries, Hot Dog, Shake
Big Fries, Hot Dog, Shake
Mystery hole sign
Unbelievable Mystery Hole
Sloppy giant in ill fitting clothes
Sloppy Giant In Ill-Fitting Clothes
Oversized Rocking Chair in a Field
shark wedged in a building
Shark Wedged In a Building
giant nutcracker head
Giant Nutcracker Head












Bonus* We only actually saw one of these during our trip, can you guess which one?


All images are from Roadside America, except one.  Since the odd man out is the answer to the bonus question, I will tell you which one came from Wikipedia in tomorrow’s answer post.


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5 replies on “Trivia Tuesday: Oddball Attractions”

Parks & Rec makes me want to say that the rocking chair is from Indiana. But you didn’t even give me that option! Gah!

Is the shark from New York? I’m feeling a Jaws thing there.
And I think the Mystery Hole is from Pennsylvania. They mine and that makes holes, right?

And on the note of roadside attractions, I grew up about 15 minuets from this place. What their website isn’t telling you is that there’s a 25+ ft Jesus standing in the front yard.

I would be willing to bet that there is a giant rocking chair in Indiana as well, there seem to be a lot of duplicates. If I had been in a real pain-in-the-ass mood I could have done a whole gallery of Pink Elephants and made you guess which one came from which state.

The idea of doing the minuet 15 times to get to Dinosaur Land is making me giggle a little bit.

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