Wait … What? More Offbeat Political News

If you’ll recall, sometimes I like to take a little break from the crushing reality of political news to just laugh at some of the stories out there. Just wait until you read today’s roundup of “Really?!” below the jump.

Amid a ten billion dollar deficit in New York State (yes, that’s billion-with-a-b) and a budget reality that pretty much ensures massive cuts to critical services like health care and education, it seems like all anyone wants to talk about is how the Vatican doesn’t want Governor Cuomo to take communion because of his position on choice and because he’s “living in sin” with everyone’s favorite oddball Food Network personality, Sandra Lee. No, really. There are four pages of links to stories about Andrew Cuomo taking communion. Hey, look over there, it’s another distraction!

You may remember how New York State government shut down in 2008 because of a coup in the State Senate. In my last edition of  “Wait … what?” I mentioned that one of the “gang of four” had been indicted for fraud. Prior to that, another had been arrested for attacking his girlfriend with a broken bottle. And this past week, a third, Carl Kruger, turned himself in on corruption charges for taking bribes from lobbyists. So much for the illusion of doing it for the “good” of the people of New York State.

I mentioned this in an open thread, but it’s too strange not to include in a weird political news wrapup. Last weekend, Lady Gaga gave a concert in Buffalo, NY, and while on stage called out Senator Mark Grisanti by name for his opposition to legalizing gay marriage. (And while I’m not one to mock political staffers, when asked whether Grisanti is a Gaga fan, his Chief of Staff responded, “Mark likes all music.” Ha ha ha.) His office was inundated with over 600 e-mails, enough to crash his server. That hasn’t stopped him from getting into a very public, very obnoxious argument with Senator Tom Duane, comparing gay marriage to deciding to call a cat a dog. Duane, who is gay, reacted as one might expect. Grisanti is scrambling but not apologizing. He has a meeting within the week with local LGBT advocates, which I can only imagine will be hilarious.

That’s all for today, but I am sure that the antics of our public officials will not make this the last “Wait … what?” post you’ll see.

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