A Persephone Mix-Tape

Anniversaries are so much fun.  I love the traditional gift schedule:  paper for one year, wood for five, etc.  Many moons ago, I started to make my own, because that’s how I roll.  I don’t remember all of it, I know I chose glitter for one year and ink for four, but the rest is kind of fuzzy.  I never assigned a proper gift for six months, but thinking about it now I’ve decided that “compilation” is appropriate for a half-year.

So, as my gift to you Persephoneers, here is SaraB’s Mix-Tape of Persephone Favorites:

1.  GenX:  The Toys that Warped a Generation – Selena Macintosh

2.  Food Safety, Do You Use the Smell Test? – Hattie McDougal

3.  Happiness is a Warm Blanket – Luci Furious

4.  We Try It:  Rockin’ the Minivan – by Sally J Freedman

5.  Are You a Logophile? – SaraB

6.  Listening While Feminist:  In Defense of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – SlayBelle

7.  That Hijab Thing – Olivia Marudan

8.  A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – PileOfMonkeys

9.  Everything I Need to Know I Learned by Playing Barbies – BusterBlonde

10.  Weird Food Wednesday:  Carrot Carousel – Jen L. Disarray

Bonus Track – Coming Monday, October 4th – Selena Macintosh (so you can see how it all began)

We have hundreds of fantastic pieces from 70+ writers and I am not trying to endorse any one writer over another here.  There is no secret message in my “mix-tape,” these are just some of my personal favorites.  If you have favorites that I didn’t mention, please give a shout-out in the comments.


Photo By Hmvh, via Wikimedia Commons


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