An Exciting Change to Ask Luci

No Oprah franchise would be complete without Phil McGraw and I’m pleased to announce that “Ask Luci” will be teaming up with Dr. Phil to address all of your mental health and life dilemmas.  We’re not sure yet if Dr. Phil is going to be pairing up with me every week or on a less-frequent basis.  But until we work out the kinks, I have some ideas about what I’m thinking the NEW New and Improved “Ask Luci” will look like.The Ask Luci portion will remain the same, and you can expect the same thoughtful advice with a little side of humor that you’ve come to value.

But froImage of Dr. Phil (60 year old bald white male) with hands up in questioning gesturem the Dr. Phil portion? Well, anything goes.  I know that I am hoping for some gems like, “No dog ever peed on a moving car,” “That dog don’t hunt,” and my personal favorite, “Your feelings? To hell with your feelings!”

While I tend to be on the more sensitive side, trying to make sure that everyone feels heard, Dr. Phil tends to be more of the “Just stop it!” side of therapeutic intervention.  What you’re doing is self-destructive, why don’t you just stop it?! I anticipate that this will lead to a lot of spirited debate in this new incarnation of my advice column and I’m really looking forward to it.

Of course, you all know that my tips come from a feminist perspective.  I try to keep in mind the viewpoints of people of color, people with disabilities and LBTQ people.  But there’s one thing that my perspective is lacking, and that’s that of the straight, white, conservative male.  To be honest, I think my perspective and worldview are pretty limited.  That’s why I need a straight, white, rich man to tell me the perspective of those who really run this country.  After all, there must be a reason they’re that successful, right?

I don’t expect that this new Ask Luci/Ask Dr. Phil hybrid will be without conflict, but that’s what makes it interesting, right? And overall I think that being a part of the Oprah team with Dr. Phil is going to be a big benefit to our readers who are looking for real solutions to real problems.  See you all next week with my first new column!

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