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Bones Recap 6.20 “The Pinocchio in the Planter”

A truth telling advertising executive finds himself on the wrong end of a pipe, but will the killer be honest? Also, Wendell Bray needs a night job and Angela is feeling smothered by Hodgins.

At a playground, a pre-teen boy climbs onto a planter to sneak a peek in the girls’ locker room. He’s spotted and instant karma happens as he falls into a large planter where a dead body pops up. I wonder if he’ll now associate naked women and dead bodies. Yikes. When the team shows up, Brennan quick ids the body as male, mid to late 40s, and spots a car key on the ground. Hodgins finds some hookworms in the soil (that”¦ exited his body when he died) and since hookworms apparently move a set speed, they determine that the victim died 3 days, 8 hours and 45 minutes or so ago.

“The Pinocchio in the Planter”

After Angela works magic on the car key (which is a Smart Key, holding driver preferences and other neat information), they find that the victim was Ross Dixon, big shot advertising executive who hadn’t had the best time of things recently: his wife left him and his face had been broken (four times!). One of those time was by his old boss, Nicole Francuzzi, who smashed his nose with an award backstage right after they received it. I mean, I know violence isn’t the answer, but wow”¦ that takes some ovaries. In interrogation, she tells Sweets and Booth that all of a sudden, Dixon started ruining her firm, losing six clients in six months. It seems he’d gained a conscious after a toy he did the campaign for caused a kid to choke. He joined a group advocating Radical Honesty: The Honesty Policy, which meets at the same community center where the body was found. When Booth, Brennan and Sweets arrive, Brennan shows off Toyota’s Intelligent Parking Assist that parks her car for her and it doesn’t feel like product placement at all. Gee, I wonder if that car has a Smart Key, too.

At the Honesty Policy meeting, group leader Burt Iverson greets the team and Booth is predictably prickly with the honesty people. He gets even more on edge when a clown walks in. Iverson confides that Booth is rightly creeped out by the clown because the guy is a creep. He also was apparently the only person in the group who admitted to having a problem with Dixon. And he also has a prior warrant for assault. When they bring him in for questioning, he says that Dixon was at his place the night he died, watching a game with some other guys. Dixon left and said he was going to dinner somewhere. The clown’s alibi is sex with a hooker. He’s classy.

Truly classy: the victim’s last meal, truffle pizza from Farini’s. Less classy: getting into a fight with Jonah Hinkles at the restaurant, who just happened to be his son. Since discovering honesty, Dixon had stopped paying for Hinkle’s tuition, saying he was a waste of money. He came in to apologize that night, in a tactless honest way and Hinkles admits he overreacted. He tried to see his dad that night, but there was a car in the driveway, a little red, banged up convertible and his dad was talking to a lady in a neck brace. Micro fracturing on the ribs confirms that Dixon was in a car accident”¦ but he was the passenger.

They find the car owner: Dorothy Emridge. They were in an accident about a month ago and both denied injuries at first. Booth suspects they were having an affair and she admits to it. When Brennan asks why they were arguing, she asks for her lawyer. Conveniently, Burt Iverson is her lawyer, and he defends that there’s no way that she could have hurt Dixon as she had a vertebral fracture. Brennan requests to see the X-rays. When they come in, Brennan verifies the injury, but points out that the X-rays are for a Caucasian women ““ not Dorothy, who’s African-American. Seriously, lawyer? Who do you think you’re messing with? You think you can fool Temperance Fucking Brennan? Really? You are dumb. You are so dumb. Iverson couldn’t even fool Dixon, who was going to expose his fraud, hence why Iverson killed him. The fingerprints on a monkey bar he used to kill him seal the deal.

[pullquote]You think you can fool Temperance Fucking Brennan? Really? You are dumb. You are so dumb.[/pullquote]

Throughout the episode, Brennan has been hounding Booth to reveal a time he hasn’t been honest with her. At the Founding Fathers he reveals that he didn’t tell her how much it meant that she was there for his breakup with Hannah. It meant the world to him. Brennan agrees that she is an exceptional partner.

In the b-plot, the honesty is infectious to the rest of the Jeffersonian crew. Squintern of the week Wendell needs more money, but can’t find a night job anywhere. Brennan lets him know that Cam is looking for an intern to pick up some hours, but when he goes to see Cam about it, she says that she’ll be splitting the hours evenly”¦ she’s not supposed to be taking need into consideration with hours, just qualifications, and all the interns are equal. When Wendell gets the honesty bug, he goes to her and that, objectively, she should choose him because he needs it more than the other interns, who are apparently all independently wealthy. Cam is somehow swayed by this and agrees that he can pick up the extra hours.

Also in need of some honesty are Angela and Hodgins. Angela feels like Hodgins has been mollycoddling her, not letting her lift a finger, generally overcompensating for something. She even sends his call to voicemail while at breakfast with Sweets. Like, sends it”¦ not just lets it ring through. Ouch. Hodgins knows something’s up, but he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong”¦ he’s just trying to help her. Sweets suggests that he just talk to her directly about it. When he does, she tells him how she’s feeling. She wants them to be more honest about what they could face with the baby and the possibility of LCA. His way of looking at it is that they’ll just get through it, but she wants him to be scared with her, not cheerful and happy all the time. He confides that sometimes he can’t breathe because he gets so worried. She reminds him that that’s what she’s there for.

I actually felt like this week’s episode was a return to form for me. Between b-plots that I could care about (love that underdog Wendell Bray) and that intersected with the main story without seeming shoehorned in to nice character moments (Cam just couldn’t understand why no one liked the smell of her lotion) and just the right amount of B&B cuteness (which has gone into overload recently), everything hit just right. What do you think? Classic standard or do you want to see more B&B action?

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The product placement was seriously annoying.

And as for Booth lying to Brennan, the really obvious lie-by-omission was in season ? when he “died” and didn’t tell her he wasn’t actually dead. So this part of the episode seemed totally manufactured to remind viewers that they’ve got the hots for each other. ‘Cause yeah, we totally forgot about that.

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