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Delurkify! It’s the Tuesday Open Thread!

Tuesday’s down, we had some fresh TV tonight (which has all of our TV writers saying “finally!”) and a full day of juicy wordy goodness.  It’s that time of the week again, where I point my spotlight on the disco ball above the lurkers and encourage you all to come out and play with us.

What did you do today? Did you read something interesting?  Do you have pictures of David Tennant?  Post away! I’ll pop in and say hi, I’ll be around hitting the server with my bug fixing hammer for several hours yet.  How about a little inspirational music?  I’m feeling Pink.

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I just wrote a pretty awesome motion in limine for my trial advocacy class, our final trial is on the 18th and I am really looking forward to it. Even if the opposing team is getting one of their mothers (who is an experienced homicide prosecutor, eek) to play the witness I’m going to be cross examining. Not QUITE fair but I’m not letting it get to me. I’m going to do all right, I think. I feel comfortable with the material and I know what I’m talking about.

Now if only I could find a real job. :(

I actively participated in roller derby practice for the first time in about 3 weeks. A serious foot/skate boot incompatibility issue plus back strain forced me to DJ and time jams when I wanted to skate. Yesterday I sucked it up, downed some Aleve, and went to practice. My legs felt noodly and weak, but I kept going until I couldn’t put any pressure on my bum foot. I’m pretty happy with myself, but holy dang am I feeling it today. Oof.

You know, whenever I’m sick (like today, the day after the stomach-virus-armageddon) I get why human evolve to live in families. I really need help, but cats are not stepping up. This is not a good reason to get a spouse (like that’s so easy in the first place), but it would have been so nice to have someone take care of me. blah.

I sometimes feel that way too when I’m ill. I can usually cope with the stuff in the house, but going out to buy groceries or going to the pharmacy drains me.

And yeah, my cats aren’t of any practical help. Sometimes I ask them to get me a drink or make me a sandwich but they just look at me, like I spoke to them in Russian or something. They are willing to cuddle though, so I suppose there’s that.

Had a presentation as a second-round interview this morning.Nerve-wracking. Now for the waiting.

I had to limp to it, though, as something happened to my foot yesterday while going down stairs, and I’m pondering whether or not to see a doctor/clinic about it.

On the nah side:
It’s not swollen, bruised or sore to touch; it’s only vaguely achy most of the time; I can afford to wait a few days easily.

On the go side:
I have to limp; I can’t put any weight on the ball of my foot or it hurts like a bastard; I broke a bone in the same foot a few years ago and only found out when I went to hospital after losing a bet – therefore I don’t trust my pain threshold to indicate a problem.

Any advice/flow charts?

I just had an interview with one of my top choice universities and I bombed it. It took about 12 minutes and it was over. I answer zero questions and they basically told me that they would based their decision based on that one interview…very subtle. Gahh and I have to go to work.This is exactly why I haven’t been able to get a job.I suck at interviews.

Good afternoon! Did you enjoy your lentils? I convinced my partner to pick me up after work and buy me lunch… We got there super-early (like an hout before the usual Spanish lunchtime) and really enjoyed eating our meal in an empty, peaceful, air-conditioned restaurant. Yes, we are seventy years old inside!

My lentils were good, and spicy! I just don’t know how they do it. I ate them alone though, sans partner.

I love the early-bird specials! We do that often and it’s always nice and peaceful, and even though we feel really, really old, it’s something we have come to accept.

And now it’s almost dinner time! I’m ruining my appetite by eating freshly baked brownies. I’m okay with that though.

We don’t have early bird specials in Spain, but we still like to go out early and beat the crowds. On Saturday night, for example, everybody has dinner reservations for 10pm or later, so if you swoop in at 8:30 you can have the nicest table in the house, no reservations required.

And I’m starting to feel like, the more I say on this subject, the more I sound like I should be baking cookies for my grandchildren :D I swear I’m not even thirty!

It’s Wednesday in South Africa but I’ll pretend it’s Tuesday. :-)

Today I get to leave work at 1pm. (Yay.) But only so that I can wait at home for the building contractors to inspect my flat. (Not-so-yay.) My landlords have decided to replace all the aging rusty window frames with brand spanking new aluminium frames and have the flat painted. (Yay.) But the work will be done while I’m on holiday later this month so I won’t be able to go out much during that time – not leaving strangers alone in my flat with my cats. (Not-so-yay.) But then it will be all done and I’ll have a nice-looking place at last. (Yay!)

In unrelated news, I just finished a cup of coffee and a buttered scone.

I had to actually pay attention in class today, so I didn’t get to read Persephone. :( Dumb class. Now I’m working on embroidering a tea towel for my boyfriend. His condo is so bachelor pad-y. It needs some warmth that only comes from homemade with love goodies. Oh, and I’m using Sublime Stitching’s sushi patterns, because sushi is yummy and easy to embroider while reading the internet and watching the news and drink wine.

Also, one of my friends got her multiple choice MBE results back today and came in four points under the median. I really hope she passes. She had a rough time while studying – her wedding was the month before, one of her bridesmaids had dropped out a month before, and she lost two grandparents just before it, and in fact went to a funeral the weekend after the test. Uuuugh. I’m nervous for her. Let’s drink more wine.

Definitely. I watch it with my mom and she says things like: “I had two easy pregnancies and deliviries”, “You have menstrual pains, delivery is just non stop PMS for a couple of hours.”

Mom, they’re girls being ripped apart because they want to birth something bloody and crying, you really give too weak arguments.

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