ESC Countdown: Cyprus and Denmark

Welcome to the Persephone ESC Countdown! We’re off to Cyprus and Denmark today.

Cyprus’ Christos Mylordos is also singing in his native language. And we’re back to drama and this time, a broken heart. Here are the first few lines (from the official ESC homepage):

In my loneliness dead ends
I’m walking by myself
I’ll go anywhere you want me
Even the road is long

You crossed me and you make me bleed
I would have died for you
My tears went down unstoppable
Like those forgettable words

The Danish band A Friend In London is reminding us that we shape the future in “New Tomorrow.” The band was relatively unknown in Denmark before entering the contest, but has completed several tours in Canada.

Image credit European Broadcasting Union

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Great minds think alike! The Danish song might actually grow on people, if they hear it several times. But in the competition they’ll only hear it twice (in the semi-final and final – if they survive the semi). So I don’t think that they’ll have that much success.

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