ESC Countdown: France and Georgia

Welcome to the Persephone ESC Countdown. We have now made it to France and Georgia.

The French tenor Amaury Vassili, whose  first album went to double platinum in France, will be performing his song, “Sognu,” in Corsican. In the English translation, the song is called “I Would Dream About Her.” And you might have guessed it, it’s about a broken heart. Here are the first lines and the video.

Dream of her lips, of her soft and pure voice
Of a memory forever embraced, of this night, right by your side!

I dream, but still I complain, my heart indifferent to the like that awaits me tomorrow.
I am knelt down in front of the ocean.
I was ready to share the world with you
But you are no longer here
I dream of winning
Even far way, your soul is near me
Inside my dreams.

The band Eldrine will be performing “One More Day” and represent Georgia. No bubblegum pop this time – but still about love. In a way.



Image credit European Broadcasting Union

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2 replies on “ESC Countdown: France and Georgia”

Vassili’s voice is beautiful. That’s the thing about Eurovision– as much as the cheese has a special place in the darkness of my heart (I’m talking about you, Belarus), every so often you get introduced to an artist you’d never heard of before, but might actually want to listen to. At least, as an American interested in world music, that’s my semi-legitimate reason for adoring Eurovision.

I am kind of surprised that France, in particular, has an entry not singing French. Maybe I don’t understand enough of the culture, but the French have always struck me as very proud and protective of their own Frenchness, so the Corsican just struck me as weird. I think it’s my (legitimate) favorite so far of this year (I’m still looking at you, Belarus).

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