Favorite Room Makeover Tips!

Just moved into an ultra affordable cozy shack (it’s a buyer’s market!) or looking to brighten up your spaces while you’re getting into some spring cleaning? Look no further. I’ve compiled my favorite quick, easy and budget friendly makeovers to cheer up your spaces!

Just moved into an ultra affordable cozy shack (it’s a buyer’s market!) or looking to brighten up your spaces while you’re getting into some spring cleaning*? Look no further. I’ve compiled my favorite quick**, easy and budget friendly*** makeovers to cheer up your spaces!


Home is where you lay your head, right? Make your bedroom a sanctuary with these easy steps:

  • Kick your husband out. Use one of your spare rooms as his bedroom, so he can have his man-cave and you can have your Goddess space.
  • Under 700 square feet? You need more space in that closet, missy! Take another one of your spare bedrooms and expand, expand, expand.
  • What’s more relaxing than a hot bath? Convert your sleep number bed into a hydrotherapy massage bed and get a great night’s sleep and a knot free back at the same time.
  • Pier One has great steals on candles and pillows to cozy up your space. Make sure to check out their clearance section!


Your personal chef needs a great space to make you excellent meals, don’t they? Heck, you might even want to whip up a dish now and then after these quick renovations:

  • Ditch those old fashioned cabinets and get a walk-in pantry. Make sure that all the shelves are dampened – it’s little touches like these that will make your space feel truly decadent.
  • Make your breakfast nook sumptuous with a Microsoft Surface table that will allow you to multi-task with ease.
  • Does your kitchen have a warming drawer? Making sure your guests aren’t eating off cold plates by installing one of these completely necessary fixtures.
  • Discount stores like TJ Maxx and Target are great places to stock up on napkins, washclothes and pot holders – you can get a different set of colors for every day of the week!


The converted Garage is BACK! Since you, as a super eco-conscious consumer, carpool, bike and use public transportation almost exclusively, you don’t need that silly Prius taking up space anymore (plus, there’s always a car service nearby for those rainy days when biking would ruin your Louboutins). Here’s how to use all that extra space:

  • The newest trend in home design? At-home spas. Convert your garage into your own personal spa, with different treatment rooms (and even offices for the staff if you’re converting a two-car garage). Make sure not to forget the doctor fish!
  • Give the space to your husband and just remind yourself that you can’t control is lack of decorating sense. He’ll appreciate the concession, though!
  • Extra closet anyone? If you’re outgrowing that converted second bedroom, use your garage to store all your out of season clothes. Everything comes back into style eventually, right?
  • Turn it into your own personal bar! Throw the best soirees in your distressed style back alley pub and don’t worry about whether you need to get a cab home or not.
  • Check out the Lillian Vernon catalog for great chintzy signs and accessories for your hang-out area!

Outdoor Spaces

Is your plan old patio getting you down? Would you rather have a picturesque vista? Feel like you’re in your favorite vacation spot every time you step outside your french doors with these ideas:

  • Buy out the lots around you on all sides. If you want to stretch your budget a little, buy out the ones catty-corner, too.
  • Bulldoze the houses on those lots (NB: This might take a little while. Like, a day or two. Maybe schedule a vacation as “research” while you’re waiting.)
  • Have the area built up to reflect your favorite spot. Make hills, perfect for an infinity pool. Ship in non-native flowers and palm trees to give it a desert island flair. Don’t forget the sandy beach.
  • You can economize by ordering your patio-furniture online. Be a savvy shopper!
  • Have your cook make you a margarita and enjoy your tiny backyard oasis.


Whatever you choose to do with your spaces, make sure that it’s all about you and expressing the creative genius you have inside. Trends are all about finding new ideas that define you perfectly, after all! Enjoy!


*Or having your housekeeping service or live-in maid do it for you
** As quick as the time it takes to call an interior decorator to do this all
*** If your budget is $1000/sq ft.

By Crystal Coleman

Florida girl living on the west coast. During the day, I consult in social media and community management. I have a really cute puppy (Elphaba) and a British husband (I keep him for his accent) as well as an unhealthy relationship with parentheses.

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