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Got the Blues for Tuesday: Open Thread

I often feel like Tuesday is the most “blah” day of the week. You aren’t fresh off your weekend fun high, it’s not quite halfway through the work week, and the weekend is so far away. Add to all of that the fact that it’s a rainy, dreary night here in my corner of the world and my home Internet is down through every fault of the cable company, and I think I’ve decided that Tuesday is not my favorite day.

How about you? Did anyone out there have a good Tuesday?

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I just got an offer for a visiting assistant professorship at Bryn Mawr! Need to weigh against a competing offer for a tenure-track position at another school, but sooo psyched! A chance to teach smart, social-justice oriented women? Yes, please! :-)

I had an exhausting Tuesday. Even though I worked from home, I worked 11.5 hours, starting right after I woke up at 7 a.m. I was home to take care of my puppy, who was just spayed last weekend, and she has a bunch of pent up not-allowed-to-exercise-yet energy and was being a terror ALL DAY. My dude got home late because of work things going on, bringing with him not dinner, but dinner supplies. We were both exhausted, so it was just as fair for me to cook as for him to do it, but by the time the omelets I whipped up were done and eaten, I basically had time to check my email one more time, do our nightly One Chapter of Harry Potter reading, and pass out. (The dog woke up with either potty emergencies – weird for her mid-night – or boundless, yelping energy no fewer than 4 times over the course of the night. I’m gonna have to say Screw Tuesday.)

I found that the best way to get in a mental state for derby is to recognize the skill set you’re going to be best in, train for the others, but not beat yourself up over them. Meaning, I have the build and the strength that I was a great blocker, but I was never going to be the fastest jammer. And that was ok.

How’s the ankle?

I don’t know if I really dare reply anymore, because last time Oprah didn’t approve of my comment.

Anyway, I had a great dream that le bf told me that he needed to go back to California for his study and that I should really come, because he had already fixed a job as the new J.K for me.
Waking up sucked, you may understand.

My Tuesday was incredibly long, a series of boring meetings and scrambling to get shit done before Bossman leaves to go to Turkey for ten days.

BUT, last night at this otherwise boring reception I had to go to, they had ice cream dessert. I was so excited! And then I looked down and saw that it had raspberries and peaches for toppings. I’m allergic to peaches; they make me all red and itchy. Not even hives, and it’s not like my throat will close up if I eat them, but it’s certainly unpleasant. (Also my grandma is allergic to peaches but continued to eat them, and it not only got worse, but she also developed an allergy to other things in the stone fruit family, including my beloved plums.) So, in summary, peach allergy.

Anyway, I told the waitperson thank you, but I didn’t want any. And they were all like, “It’s very good! Are you sure?” And I said, “That’s ok, thank you, but I’m allergic to peaches.” And I went back to listening to the speaker, and then a few minutes later, the waitperson came out with ice cream with just the raspberries on it! And it was awesomely delicious french vanilla that almost but not quite made up for me having to be there for three hours.

Anyway, it was super nice of the waitperson to do that because I didn’t even ask and they didn’t even have to, and that made me happy.

I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. I think I’m coming down with something but its taking its own sweet time in developing. So I’m sitting at work, with a sore body, slightly swollen glands and a general lack of energy.

On the plus side, I’m reading Perdido Street Station by China Mieville and I’m really enjoying it. So at least I can go home and curl up with a good book. And two cats. There’s always that.

I have my last day at the office today!!! Then there’s only one meeting in Copenhagen tomorrow and then I’ll visit mum in Germany and go on holiday in Amsterdam. Then there are a few more free days before I start the new job with a business trip to Belgium.

SO excited!!!

If anybody is interested, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is doing a series on vintage makeup and her first video deals with Victorian to 1930s. They talk about the emergence of the beauty industry in conjecture to the changing status of women and also the emergence of negative advertising to play into insecurities and drive up sales. It really interesting.

Today was good here- the weather turned out to be better than I was expecting, for starters. Had a fitness assessment at the gym, and I’m only 5 yrs older than I really am, fitness wise. Which is better than I was expecting.

We grilled out (YUM) and then I watched 116 Daisy scouts hunt for Easter eggs. Now I am tired…

My last fitness assessment at a gym ended with a personal trainer telling me that my 22% body fat rate was borderline obese…

If you go to a really honest gym, you are a lucky lady, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re in better shape then they’re estimating.

I did! I caught the first 20min and then flashed back to it sporadically during The Biggest Loser. It was all fairly laughable in my opinion. I was so creeped out, though, by the way Harper kept addressing the camera rather than any of his opponents. “Look deep into my eyes, Canadian voters! When I snap my fingers, you will give me a majority government!”

Harper’s such a creeper. His face never moves! I quit right after they talked about integration, which was when I couldn’t just listen to Duceppe anymore.

They (Harper especially, but definitely Iggy too) never really talked about ANYTHING, did they? Just used every question as a jumping board back to their talking points.

It all gives me the same leaden feeling in my gut that I got in the US election in 2004. How the guy is courting a potential majority is beyond my comprehension.

My day today has mostly revolved around food. In particular, making chai from scratch (too much pepper, mega spicy, but still good) and raw macadamia nut macaroons. I ate about six and then my throat felt sore from the sweetness. But damn they are good. And easy. Since I got a new food processor I’ve been blending the shit out of everything (hence the food day). Good times.

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