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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars S. 1. Ep. 15, “Ruskie Business”

My Netflix description says that Veronica inadvertently becomes a love detective in this episode. What Valentine’s Day-related hijinks can we expect in this episode?  I don’t remember much of this episode from my first time watching this show, so I guess we’ll find out together!

We start off with Veronica helping Logan find out where his mom’s credit card has been used. First to rent a car, and then again to rent a hotel room in LA.  If that’s really Lynn, she’s doing a very mediocre job of leaving town.

Veronica also has the two love detective cases. One is a case that came in for Mars Senior, and one is a Neptune High student asking for Veronica’s help.  I like when they do two cases like this. It’s like playing Clue and Clue Jr. simultaneously.  The case that Papa Mars hands off to Veronica is that of a Russian woman who was a mail-order bride but dumped her fiance, regrets it, and wants help tracking him down.  I guess the Russian thing is why this episode is titled Ruskie Business.  You stay classy, Veronica Mars.  So the thing making this mail-order bride case tough is that the man is question was named Tom Cruz, but is trying to be an actor so he changed his name for obvious reasons.  Well, it turns out not that tough because all Veronica had to do was pose as a casting director and call around to get head shots of men matching Tom Cruz’s description, and his head shot came through right away.  Convenient!  Well, his head shot with a dog with two different colored eyes.  It looks more like a profile picture than a head shot if you ask me, but maybe that’s why he’s not a successful actor.  So our detective heroine is hot on the trail of Tom Cruz.

For the Clue Jr. case, we have Meg (keep on eye on this one, readers, foreshadowing!) who has a sooper sekrit admirer and she wants to know who it is! He sent a text message saying “I think U R kewl” when she was riding a bus with the basketball team.  This is where Meg and I differ, because if I got that text message, be it now or 10 years ago, I would want to know who it was so I could steer clear.  But Meg is all swoony and love is in the air, so Veronica enlists poor beleaguered Wallace to dig through the belongings of the likeliest suspects to come up with some answers.

As for Logan’s case, Veronica: Master of Disguise goes with Logan to the hotel where Lynn’s credit card was used and they pretend to be an engaged couple looking for a luxury honeymoon suite.  16-year-old newlyweds with huge rocks.  You really have to suspend disbelief on this show. I never really thought about it until I had to recap it.  They get nowhere with it and Veronica moves on to the Clue Sr. case.  She tracks down Tom Cruz via his prop dog and she is just about to give the address to the mail-order bride when Papa Mars comes in and hangs up the phone (isn’t it quaint that they have the phones that you push down on the cradle to hang it up?) Turns out she wasn’t a runaway bride after all.  She is part of some Russian organized crime mob and Tom Cruz is in witness protection.  But still trying to do public work? I know from watching In Plain Sight that they really frown on that. So much for that love story. I bet they didn’t even get the money so that Veronica could buy cups without cartoon characters on them like they wanted.  The Mars family keeps getting screwed out of money. I hope they start asking for retainers or something.

As far as the case of Lynn Echolls: Living or Dead, Logan staked out the hotel lobby until his mom came into the lobby.  Only, it wasn’t his mom at all, it was Logan’s sister played by a very un-Willow like Alyson Hannigan.  Except for maybe that episode where Willow was evil in the alternate reality.  Turns out she’s a huge bitch and has stolen her dead mother’s identity.  Poor Logan is devastated.  You Logan/Veronica shippers will enjoy the tender moments in this scene with Veronica comforting Logan.  But it looks like Logan is going to have to accept that his mom really is dead and his family is terrible.  Seriously terrible.

And how about that Clue Jr. Secret Admirer case?  I’ll spare you the details about Meg and Veronica going to some dumb high school party hosted by Brad from Home Improvement, where Meg decides that her two best options are both pretty lame.  This all mostly leads to a lot of Veronica voice-overing in all of her cynical wisdom about realtionships.   So Meg and Veronica go to the dance instead, which is where All Is Revealed and it turns out that Duncan was the real sooper sekrit admirer.  Veronica goes out to cry in her car, only to be happened upon by stupid stoner Leo, who I guess Meg called to come to the dance.  Really, Leo? You’re like 25, this is a high school dance. Get a grip. This must be the beginning of when Leo and Veronica started dating, which is kind of surprising to me that it’s this late in the season because it really felt like they dated for-freaking-ever.  I take back my earlier assertion that Veronica dates only really wealthy guys, because I doubt the Neptune police force are really making bank.  And even if they did, Leo clearly spends all of his money on pot and teeth whiteners. But I do maintain that Veronica dates (and surrounds herself with) people who have some sort of power or who put her in an advantageous position.  And considering how much Veronica relies on the Neptune police to get information for her, Leo definitely fits the bill.  But it happened last time I watched the series, and I suppose it will happen again.  Veronica and dumb stoner Leo are going to date and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Ok, so all during this episode, Veronica has been getting hang-up calls on her cell phone.  While at the dance she gets another one, she calls the number back and a man answers saying it’s a pay phone and that a blonde lady just left the phone booth.  Veronica knows it’s her mom, so she drives up to Barstow immediately to find her mom nearly passed out in a bar in the middle of the day.  Veronica tries to convince her mom to come back with her, saying she knows who is blackmailing them and that they’ll be safe. Only, Clarence Weidman is in the bar too. Super creepy!  Man, Veronica Mars, you’re killing me with these cliffhangers. So check in with me next week to see if we learn more about what the deal is with Weidman and Veronica’s mom.


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Yep, VM is a teen detective. In this season she’s trying to figure out who killed her best friend. It’s on Netflix Instant. I loved it when I first watched it on Instant, re-watching it for a recap definitely highlights the sillier parts of the show for me. But it’s fun anyway.

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