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LTP: 4/19 This One Goes Out to the Whovians

The countdown is on, our beloved Doctor in his raggedy man, imaginary friend, fez wearing incarnation is coming to America in more ways than one on the 23rd of this month.  Devina is all set to start the recaps for the following Monday, and we’ve got a couple Who-related surprises in store this week. 

I apologize in advance to the non-Whovians, although, GET ON THE TRAIN, PEOPLE.  The Doctor gets out of scrapes because he’s bookish and clever.  Time Lords, they’re just like us!

So today’s poll question is three pronged.  1. Who is your favorite Doctor?  2. Who is your favorite companion? 3. Which is your favorite episode? and D. What’s your favorite Who quote?

1. Ten.  Obviously.  I’ve also only seen the episodes since 2005, except a handful of the older ones I’ve found on Netflix.

2. Donna Noble.

3. Blink.

4. “Because I’m clever.” I even have it on a coffee mug.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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75 replies on “LTP: 4/19 This One Goes Out to the Whovians”

1) TEN, because he’s the first one I knew.
2) Don’t hate- Rose. Yes, I am a smooshy romantic shipper. WHAT OF IT.
3) Oh, I fail at favorites when given more than a few options, I really do. But The Girl In The Fireplace is what got me hooked.

Man, I’m gonna have to find a way to keep up with all y’all who have tvs and active, legal ways to view new Who. I cannot wait until dvds.

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