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LTP: 4/21

Good day, citizens of Persephone! Last night I had the pleasure of dining at a local Greek restaurant with Selena and the mother of the real Persephone. It was lovely, and I’m all filled up on gyros. I determined last night that I don’t eat at Greek restaurants near enough. Mr. Sally J and I will pretty much eat anything, but the young ones in our family are rather picky, which limits our restaurant choices to places that can make some version of grilled cheese. Last night, the Greek restaurant made it on pita bread. Mexican restaurants make it on a tortilla and call it a quesadilla. Whatever. Melt the cheese on the bread and my kids are content.

Which leads me to today’s poll — what’s your favorite kind of cuisine? It’s hard to pick just one, I know, but do your best!


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God, I think my favorite “type” largely depends on where I am. Restaurant quality varies so much depending on the city’s demographics, and one town can boast top rate Mexican cuisine that you would chew your arm off for, whereas in another the Mexican food might just be “meh”. So, from my experiences, here are my “favorites” broken down by location.

When I lived in SC, there was a large Burmese and Cambodian/Laotian population, so we had quite a few Thai and Pan-Asian restaurants that were the bomb dot com.

When I go home to NC, I almost always get Indian or soul food (read: Bojangles!).

Here in Montreal, Vietnamese and Lebanese/Middle Eastern are widespread and a good Pho or Shawarma is almost always just around the corner.

And of course, one of the benefits of being with a North African is that I get delicious, spicy Mediterranean food whenever and wherever I want, which is almost all the time! Also, couscous!!!


I would eat Thai food every day for the rest of my life.
When I was looking at houses, one of my (secret) requirements be that it is near a Thai restaurant. I have never lived far from Thai – usually I can walk there. With this house, I could potentially walk there but it’s just far enough to warrant hopping in the car but still, if I needed a healthy walk, it’s possible.

The dishes are insanely varied. They can be as spicy or as mild as I feel up to. Vegetables are EVERYWHERE and tofu can go in anything. Also, anyone who thinks, “You know, I bet this tofu cube would taste incredible fried,” is a brilliant, brilliant person and deserves a ribbon. The person who paired it with sweet chili sauce should get second place.

And while I have eaten at a lot of different types of places with lots of different people, I always find that my best meals are had at Thai places. Sure, the rabbit and chestnuts dish at the French place was incredible, the duck on the beach in Hawaii was worth the flight and the Moroccan food with 12 friends and a belly dancer was an event. The mackerel in yellow curry, the panang (OMG THE PANANG) over jasmine rice, the salad rolls, the pad see ew and the pra ram are all dishes I think about when I really want something GOOD. They are special unto themselves.

God damn. Now I want some panang. Great.

I really love both Chinese and Italian – I crave vegetable lo mein on a regular basis, and I’ve had some positively orgasmic pasta dishes at various Italian restaurants.

I don’t know if this really is a type of cuisine because it’s just one thing, but I also love sandwiches. There’s a restaurant a few blocks away from my apartment that lets you build your own sandwich – they have so many toppings and sauces/spreads and kinds of cheese to choose from, and it’s a lot of fun as well as delicious.

There’s a Greek restaurant up the road from where I live that we go to with some frequency. Actually, we haven’t been in a while, but we’ll go through spurts where that’s the only place we go out.

Anyway, my favorite type of food is probably Italian. Both my dad and mom’s sides of the family are Italian, and we have so many delicious locally-owned Italian restaurants in this town that it’s hard to go wrong. There’s a place near us called Romeo and Juliet’s that makes an amazing panini that we order from. My faaaaavorite food is eggplant parmesean, but it takes so much work that I don’t make it that often because it’s such a pain in the butt to make. I always used ask my dad for it for my birthday dinner when I was a kid. He taught me how to make his sauce, and while everyone else seems to think mine is delicious, it’s never quite as good in my mind.

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