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LTP 4/28: Sweet Dreams

Good afternoon, Persephoneers, and welcome to the beginning of another fun day at the Internet Ranch. I hope everyone weathered last night’s storms (we have staffers in the Midwest and the South, and it was a wild night). Last night, a friend mentioned that a movie star made an appearance in her dreams.

When she shared who it was, we all laughed. And I thought it would make a good LTP question – which famous people have made their way into your dreams? Why were they there? How did you interact?

Here was the guest star in my friend’s dream:

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When I was in High School, I had a dream that there was an Awards Show going on in my parents’ basement. I was swimming in the washing machine (like you do), which apparently was clear because I was watching the awards show through it. And there was Macaulay Culkin! Who I never had a crush on, and hadn’t thought about in years.

2 days later was when it hit newsstands that he had gotten married. That was the weirdest part. Semi-psychicness!

When famous people invade my dreams, it’s always really strange.

Sexy times dream featuring Brad Pitt, check. Lots of ladies would absolutely love this, right? Not to say that it wasn’t a good dream, but Brad Pitt doesn’t do it for me. I acknowledge his handsomeness, but I’ve just never been on that train. So strange.

But then…dream with Christopher Eccleston in it – HELLO! There were no sexy times. Not even a hint of sexy times. My kids were in the dream with me…there was a song and dance number…and that was it. Here’s the thing: prior to that dream, I didn’t have a thing for him at all, but after??? I have a full-blown schoolgirl, blush when I see him in anything crush. Again, very strange.

I once had a dream that JGL took me to a party and introduced me to Christina Hendricks. We totally hit it off and made plans for her to take me shopping at a store for curvy ladies. Sadly, I awoke before any post-party sexy times with JGL, or shopping with Joan. Still, best dream ever.

Michael Jackson is the only star I really remember being one of my dreams. It was about 2 years ago, right after he died. I remember it very vividly because it was one of those dreams where you know that you’re dreaming but you’re still interacting with the other person as if they’re actually there and you both know that time is running out before you wake up. It really had a profound impact on me at the time. I can’t really explain why, but I think part of the reason is because the only other time I had a very realistic dream encounter like this was with my mother, right after she died.

I dreamed that I met Nathan Fillion and it felt like it was real, not a dream at all. We had an instant connection, both as friends and possibly more. He was putting on the moves, and I turned him down! I asked if we could just be really awesome friends, because — even though I was super attracted to him — I loved my husband too much to cheat. Stupid brain.

Well now I’m sad (not about my dream, I’ll never be sad about that one). I’ve never had a sex dream. :(
There has been spooning, comforting and mild kisses but no sexy times. And never sexy times with famous people.
Though, seriously, the spooning has always felt wonderful.

I think famous people only show up in my sex dreams…some of my first sex dreams involved Bruce Willis, and I’ve gotten it on with Adrian Brody, Leonardo DiCaprio, Viggo Mortensen, Brad Pitt, Kurt Cobain, young Marlon Brando…I feel like some famous ladies must have made their way in at some point, but none come to mind.

I had a dream once that I WAS Brittany Spears. Does that count? My IRL mom was my (Brittany Spears) mom in the dream. I hung myself in the shower and then I couldn’t figure out why nobody could see/hear me. Kevin Federline came over with Sean and Jayden and they couldn’t hear me or see me and it really, really upset me. My mom could still see me and hear me though and she had to explain to me that I killed myself and I was a ghost.

It was super, super weird. Has anyone else had a dream in which they actually died and kept dreaming? Everyone I know that’s had dreams in which they were going to die, they’ve woken up seconds before the actual death took place.

Oh fun. I had the most outrageous dream about a movie star a while back. Sometimes I wish it had actually happened.

So, I’m in an apt in NY with a blonde woman and some other people (handlers) and we are talking about shopping. The woman is telling me that I can’t go shopping for new clothes. I’m am pleading with her that I HAVE to get new clothes, I don’t have any clothes in NY. I just flew in because he wanted me here with him. I need SOMETHING! We are arguing. I feel horrible and she’s being a bitch. The argument continues (brace yourself, I was shocked and it was my dream). Blonde: “You cannot just go out and spend his money however you feel like it. It is not yours!” Me: “But James said I should! He told me to do this! I need a dress! I need clothes for tomorrow! James WANTS ME TO DO THIS! (I’m bawling to her). Just, let me go get a few things. He needs me here! He is upset, I make him feel better!” Blonde: “I’m his sister! I can make him feel better! You can go back home!”
Cue entry of James the Boyfriend: “Sister! (I apparently never assign her a name in my dream) Let her go! Handlers. Take her (he points to me).” I wipe my tears, join the dudes in the background and kiss James Franco good bye. Cause, OMG, I am dating James Franco. I give him a big hug, tell him I’ll be right back and we can talk about how he’s feeling. Dude, the boy was seriously depressed.
So yeah, in my dream with omgjamesfranco, I am his caring and devoted girlfriend and he is a depressed, misunderstood actor with a bully sister. It was a torturous dream but when I woke up, I kinda felt awesome.
(subsequently, there have been a few more dreams with Franco but all very minor)

I have very vivid dreams.

The only celebrity dream I can clearly remember passed through my brain a few weeks before my wedding. For some reason, we were getting married in the library stacks, and Bill Cosby walked me down the aisle instead of my actual dad, where Mr. and I were then married by the bishop from Princess Bride, complete with “Mawwwiage…is what bwings us togevver…today…”

I never have dreams with celebrities! Or dreams with anything interesting, usually. I hear people talking about they had a dream where they were fighting a dragon or they were an airplane pilot. Never for me. Mine are always like, oh I went to the store. Pretty much just dreams of my life every day.

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