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LTP: TV Crushes Edition

Good afternoon, dear ones. I thought today we’d share our love for the attractive men and women who populate our TV screens. I think we’ve talked about general actor crushes before, but TV crushes are different. Oftentimes your attraction is at least partly tied to the character they portray, not to mention the sort of false intimacy that’s created by seeing this person every week.

Who’s mine, you ask? I’m going to cop out and confess to a tie: Joel McHale and Mike Rowe. My relationship with Joel McHale has actually gotten more serious since I started seeing him twice a week, on The Soup and Community. Mike Rowe, on the other hand, can be found just about everywhere but is probably best known as the guy from Dirty Jobs.  Behold!

Joel McHale

Joel McHale as Jeff Winger in Community

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe in a barn for an episode of Dirty Jobs

Photos: NBC and Discovery

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I’ll break this down into categories since it’s a big list

Past TV show characters:
Spike from Buffy
Doyle from Angel
Piz from Veronica Mars
Mick from Moonlight
Harry Dresden from Dresden Files
Kolchak from Night Stalker
Doctor #9
Finn from Gilmore Girls
David from Roseanne
Hyde from That 70s Show

Current TV show characters:
Raylan from Justified
Gwaine from Merlin
Sammy from Supernatural
Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl
Abby from NCIS
Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds
Capt. Jack Harkness

obviously all the aforementioned to some extent
Christopher Meloni
Neil Patrick Harris
Christina Hendricks
Mariska Hargitay
Michael Rosenbaum
Hugh Laurie
Conan O’ Brien

I have crushes on way too many of the men mentioned here. But two that I absolutely love that I don’t see mentioned are Josh Gates on Destination Truth and Timothy Olyphant on Justified. My sister got me into Destination Truth recently and now I want to marry Josh Gates, even if he is a little bit of an ass sometimes. And even though I’m from KY, I definitely do not generally dig guys who wear cowboys hats and drawl, but oh my God, Olyphant is so hot doing both of those things.

I think most of mine have been covered here already. Vincent D’Onofrio, David Tennant, David Boreanaz, Joel McHale, Adam Scott, Nathan Fillion, Shawn & Gus (and Lassie), Mike Rowe, Jason Segel, Penelope and Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds, Abby, Tony, and McGee from NCIS, Jimmy Fallon, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Eric Millegan.

Hm. Quite a list there.

I liked Daniel Dae Kim’s character on Lost and Abed on Community.

I just started watching Doctor Who, and I love it, and I have to say the ninth doctor is on my list. It’s the leather jacket.

From what I’ve heard, Rose Tyler is a bit of a… controversial character in the fandom, but Billie Piper is super, super hot. I want to be on that.

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