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Lunchtime Poll – 4/13

I just finished eating a coconut Edy’s Fruit Bar. I am pretty excited about this new addition to my ice cream favorites list, but I think my heart will always belong to Phish Food, with cookie dough ice cream coming in a close second. I searched and couldn’t find this in previous LTPs, which I found hard to believe. How have we never discussed our favorite ice cream flavors before?! So, tell me, LTPers, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Feel free to divide it up into categories, for instance Pumpkin Pie is my favorite seasonal flavor, and a mango sorbet would be my favorite in the fruit-family. What about you?

White man with brown hair and glasses, running in a snow storm with no jacket, holding an ice cream cone
What ice cream would you go out for in a thunder snow storm?

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My favorite basic can-find-it-anywhere flavor is cookie dough. I love vanilla ice cream and I love cookie dough, and I like how simple but delicious it is. My favorite seasonal flavor is anything with pumpkin, and I am still bitter that I have not been able to find Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake. Of the “fancy” or slightly more unusual flavors, I love green tea ice cream, and I also think some of B&J’s really rich flavors like Cinnamon Buns and Chubby Hubby are just phenomenal.

For everyday, my favorites are Starbucks Java Chip or Dove’s Unconditional Chocolate. My favorite “retired” flavor is a Ben & Jerry’s coffee with a fudge swirl in it, I can’t remember what it was called. The last time I saw it was probably fifteen years ago.

My favorite seasonal flavor, the one that makes me do a happy dance when it comes back every summer, is the Banana Chocolate Chip from a local ice cream stand called Bruster’s. They make it themselves with fresh bananas and wafer-thin chocolate bits. Drool…

My favorite used to be Blue Moon, but the last time I ate it was just before some sort of horrible stomach virus kicked it. Bad memories associated with that flavor. It has been over a year. Maybe I’ll get up the courage to eat it again.
Fancy ice cream-wise, I loved Bovinity Divinity and Vermonty Python from Ben & Jerry’s. I also like PlayDough, soft serve with Blue Goo Flavor Blast (it tastes like, um, BLUE!) and my mom’s chocolate malts. Goddamn do I love her malts. She even has 2 vintage Hamilton Beach malt machines.

Hood’s Grasshopper Pie was my absolute favorite when I was a kid. I haven’t seen it in years, unfortunately, but Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie has made a good substitute.

Pistachio is my favorite in the summer, Peppermint/Candy Cane in the winter.

And Cookies and Creme/Cookie Dough/Peanut Butter Cup are a wonderful option anytime.

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