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Lunchtime Poll: 4/27

Today’s LTP is an easy one (or a hard one if it’s tough for you to make a choice): What is your favorite animal? And a bonus supplemental question: If you could domesticate and keep any wild animal – assuming that it wouldn’t be cruel to take it out of the wild – what would it be?


By Luci Furious

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DOGGIES. All the doggies. I even have a soft spot in my heart for the yappy little ones, though I won’t admit it aloud. Any time I walk past a dog on the street I get all babbly and start speaking in baby-talk (whoosagoodboythen??). I actually perv on other people’s dogs and then feel like a creepster (though I am not as bad as my friend V, who sometimes pervs openly on other people’s dogs).

Clearly, if I could domesticate any animal, I’d have my very own wolf. Like a dog, but more badass.

If I could have any animal as a pet? Flying Fox. All the cuteness of a fox or weasel (ferret, skunk etc..) with WINGS! Of course, I would also take smaller bats but a big, fruit eating, red furred flying fox would be the best. I really love bats, even the leaf nosed ones. Mammals that fly!!

Tigers and tigers. Easy. I want to spoon with a tiger! At the zoo in Mendoza, Argentina, they had one of the cheesy photoshop yourself in a picture options that was spooning with a tiger, so of course I got that! But it’s old and faded now…and of course I didn’t REALLY spoon with a tiger. So at least I still have a goal.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE cats and english bulldogs. If I could domesticate any wild animal it would definitely be a squirrel. My grandparents used to have a squirrels living in the tree in their front yard. They would stick walnuts on toothpicks and offer them to the squirrels and they would pull the nuts off the toothpicks and run up to their nest. It was AWESOME.

I love my cats more than I have ever loved another living thing, but my favorite (domestic) animal will always be the ferret. I got my first 2 ferrets at the age of 11 and in the last 15 years have never been without a ferret or two. It is just impossible not to laugh at their antics, so even though they are not the best pets and I don’t recommend them for everyone, for me they are like therapy.
If I could have any animal as a pet, though? I’m with the penguin contingent below. Or maybe a whale. That would be fun to ride. If I had a big enough pool, of course.

that is a really tough one! I mean I love bears, and elephants and penguins, and fish, and guinea pigs and whales and sloths (I really really love sloths) and pigs and cats and well a lot more. I can’t decide!
I think I would like to domesticate and adopt a meerkat. they are really awesome and will be looking after me (ha).

Oh fun! I can list my favorites by age. :)

1st through 5th grade: Zebra. I even have a righteous class picture where I’m wearing ALL zebra gear including ear rings in the shape of zebras.
5th through 7th grade: Sea Otters. I did a report on them in 5th grade and my love was sealed.
8th through March of the Penguins: Penguins. I loved their wobbliness but once the documentary hit, everyone and their mom was in love with them. It was over-saturating.
How are raptors NOT cool? Seriously.

But I will always love my own animals above all others. The Doberman Pincher, the English Bulldog, the Miniature Schnauzer, the Rhodesian Ridge-back, the Rogue Cat, and the Box Turtle (I think some here have seen my boy Sidney).

And if I could have an animal hang with me and be my pet in a humane way – it would have to be either the Panda (Red Panda for apartment dwellers :) ) or the Fox.

I’ve got to say, it’s a tie between ladybugs and dogs. I love dogs, the ladybugs love me (and I love that about them).
But if I could domesticate an animal? Hmm.. probably another tie between ladybugs and fish. We don’t domesticate fish, we just seem to hold them hostage. I’d want one that could feel warmth and answer all my questions about fishy culture and life under the sea (and if they really sing and dance as much as I believe they do).

I follow a Tumblr devoted to pandas and often see bits of myself in the pictures and GIFs they post (clumsiness, fondness for snacking and snuggling, playfulness, etc), so maybe my current favorite animal is the panda!

I think if I could have any wild animal as a pet…oh gosh, this is really hard. Maybe a panda, but also maybe a penguin, or a koala…okay, I think my answer is a penguin. I’d keep it in my bathtub and let it waddle around the house with me.

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