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Lunchtime Poll – 4/6

Now that we’re finally getting into Spring weather, today’s LTP is an easy one.  Do you get Spring allergies?


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I have year-round allergies unfortunately. In January my GP gave me a Cortisone injection plus a 10-day course of cortisone tablets to fight a particularly bad attack of sinusitis. She recommended I get a cortisone injection every three months and I’m due for one now. The sneezing has already started, albeit milder than before.

Hayfever and sinusitis are both really horrible. And I don’t get any sympathy from my cats. They’re all like “yeah yeah, now where’s the Fancy Feast?”.

I didn’t have allergies until early high school, and I think it’s gotten worse each spring – starting earlier, ending later, and just more miserable in general.
When I was little, my mom and younger brother had them and I remember a distinct feeling of jealousy. I don’t know what I was thinking.

My allergies to all things outdoors are now controlled by over the counter meds (usually Zyrtec) taken in June and September.

When I was younger (I’m 22 now) my allergies were awful I sneezed a snotted 5 months out of the year, rubbed my eyes until they swelled shut, and itched all over. It was terrible. But then I had 4 years of weekly allergies shots from 5-9 and my allergies improved dramatically. Anyone else go through an allergy shot regimen?

Yup! I was on them from age 8 or 9 through 18; I started off going once a week and did that for about five or six years, then they had me come every other week, and so on. It made a world of difference. This will sound silly, but before I started them, I couldn’t ever breathe through my nose at all, and I remember being so delighted when I could breathe in and out that way.

Normally seasonal allergies don’t get me. I haev all year round allergies. I wake up with a sore throat and runny nose EVERY SINGLE DAY. I also have mild asthma. They are always with me. But this year, the allergies have got me BAD. The pollen must be so, so, so much worse in GA this year…I had to cancel plans with friends today plus skip a bike ride because I have a migraine, swollen sinuses, a sore throat, runny nose and one of my eyes won’t stop weeping. It is miserable. Just breathing in causes my left nostril to scream in pain. :(

Zyrtec, Flonase and Sudafed is my preferred cocktail. I take it year-round, but I’m more anal about doing it every day in the warmer months. I also keep Benadryl on hand.

I also happen to be very sensitive to mosquito bites. The little turds seem to be drawn to me. Once, in ~15 minutes, I got 10 bites on my face. I took a couple of gulps of liquid Benadryl and passed out. Awesome.

I have year-round allergies, but they tend to be worse in the spring because I’m allergic to the outdoors in general (pollen, ragweed, grass, trees, etc). I had allergy shots for about ten years and now I can manage things pretty effectively with an OTC decongestant and prescription nasal spray, so that’s good!

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