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Lunchtime Poll 4/7

All the advertising for Easter candy has me thinking today:If you got to pick the candy in your Easter basket, what would you pick? Milk chocolate or dark chocolate bunny? Cadbury Egg? Jelly Belly jelly beans? Peeps?

I’m a dark chocolate girl myself, somewhat partial to Jelly Belly jelly beans, and Reese’s eggs. Yum.

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I love fancy jellybeans, but a basket full of just those is bound to make me sick (seriously, I will eat all of them in one sitting), so I’d like some of those and some Cadbury Creme Eggs and some Reese’s things, too, plzkthx.

Why does this post have to be when I have a stomachache and can’t eat anything fun? (Okay, that’s a lie, I did just have a Mini Baby Belle cheese thing, because I needed something solid-ish).

Creme eggs, please. A big old pile of them. I haven’t been Catholic in a long, long time, but I still have a weak spot for creme eggs. My parents still joke about when I must have been about 2 and started asking for “cranberry eggs” because of the commercials. They finally figured out what I was asking for after I got super psyched when the quacking bunny came on tv, and I haven’t looked back since.

Oh, God, now I want one RIGHT NOW.


ooh I like this poll!
hmmm… Jelly Bellys, mini Reeses eggs, Milka L’il Scoops, and just a few of those sickly sweet enormous “jelly beans” that are basically candy-coated marshmallow. and paska! I would love to get paska in my Easter basket!

(though my most memorable Easter would have to be when our next door neighbour made me and my brother these little braided Easter bread “nests” with a hard-boiled egg in the centre, and my parents gave me a Barbie)

Skip the large chocolate bunny I have never in my life finished one of those. But my ideal basket would look something like this:
-Shit-ton of Mini Cadbury eggs
-Several regular Cadbury eggs
-1 box of peeps, left open to get to the right stiff-staleness
-Jelly beans-esp. the black ones(I am one of those freaks who likes black licorice)
-Sweet tarts, only of they are giant sized & shaped like Easter stuff
-Lastly some random chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies
Great now I’m craving all of these things!

Skip most of the chocolate, have jelly beans, sweetarts, gummy worms (they’re worms, that’s spring-like!), and basically have everything sweet or sour (or sweet and sour!). The only chocolate hanging out there would be filled eggs – filled with caramel, peanut butter, fudge, you name it!

My views on Easter baskets might be a bit different but I absolutely hate the taste of most chocolate bunnies. Chocolate generally tastes pretty good, but it seems like that goes out the window for chocolate bunnies.

BoyConner has a serious love affair with the giant chocolate bunnies. The crappier the chocolate and the larger the ears, the better. It’s sort of gross and, though he tries to explain, I don’t understand.

We’ve come to an equitable arrangement, however. I do not question the nasty chocolate Bunny Big Ears and he does not mock the stale Peeps.

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