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Morbid Curiosity Monday: Pickle-Peanut Butter-Egg Spread

First of all, I just want to state for the record that this is a real recipe from a real cookbook. This means that of all the combinations of all the different ingredients that can be put on a cracker, someone decided that pickles, peanut butter, and hardboiled eggs belong together.

I have so many questions. What was the cookbook publisher’s motivation for including this? Do they just hate tastebuds? Did they have shares in a peanut butter company? Was the test kitchen staffed with a crack team of chefs with stereotypical wacky pregnancy cravings?

Pickle, Peanut Butter, Egg Spread 2
Please note the tomato rosette. That's how you can tell I'm a pro.

You know, this wouldn’t have been so bad if it had just been the eggs and pickles.  Kind of like egg salad on a cracker, right?  But why, for the love of Batman, did they think it would be wise to mix peanut butter into this spread?  Were they looking for a touch of saltiness?  There are other ingredients that can lend that flavor … for example, salt.

Pickle, Peanut Butter, Egg Spread 3
Why doesn't anyone come to my parties?

Please heed my advice as a semi-professional Questionable Recipe Tester Lady: eating this is a really bad idea and your stomach will hate you. Usually I can find something positive about a recipe but this was just a world of gross.

Pickle, Peanut Butter, Egg Spread

Pickle-Peanut Butter-Egg Spread
Mash 3 hard-cooked eggs.
Combine with 1/4 cup finely chopped sweet pickles and 1 tablespoon peanut butter.
Season with prepared mustard and pickle juice.
(I chose to garnish my batch with olives…because I like olives.)


This recipe is from the appetizer section of the Mary Margaret McBride Encyclopedia of Cooking, published  by Homemakers Research Institute in 1959.

A version of this post originally appeared in Jen R. L. Disarray’s blog, Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Eating This.

By Jen R. L. Disarray

Jen was once described as a "culinary anthropologist". She liked that. When she is not making questionable foods, Jen enjoys reading, sassing, and lurking all over the internet. Jen has a blog called Maybe We Shouldn't Be Eating This, and she is a contributor to the Geekquality podcast and blog.

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Except that this is actually something my mother craved when she was pregnant with my brother. Peanut butter and pickles was the only thing she could eat besides cheerios for about 8 months, so she made up some really gross “recipes”. She won’t eat cheerios anymore, but she does still have peanut butter and pickles on occasion.


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