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Movie Nights: Charade

I’ve been on a classic movie kick lately. My most current re-watch? Charade. I love Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn, so together they make a magical pair, and to me, even better than in Roman Holiday

The movie is about Regina “Reggie” Lampert (Audrey Hepburn), who is about to divorce her husband when she finds that he has been murdered after converting every penny they owned to cash, which is also missing. During the funeral, she encounters some interesting characters that come to make sure that her husband is dead, leading her to become suspicious. She is summoned to the CIA, where an agent (Walter Matthau) informs her that the money had been stolen during WWII. Her husband had been part of a parachute team to be dropped behind enemy lines and drop the gold to the French Resistance, however, they buried it instead. One of the four men died, and her husband double-crossed the others and dug up the gold and sold it. The U.S. government now wants the money back. Reggie tells them she will get it back for them, and sets off. She then meets Peter (Cary Grant) who changes his name every 15 minutes or so and is interested in her husband’s money, which seems to have come from a WWII payroll he stole. Soon the former partners of her husband start turning up dead, and things are going crazy. Peter’s partners-in-crime are also very interested in where the money is, as he stole it from them as well. Everyone assumes Regina MUST know where the money is. When they finally do realize where the money is, in valuable stamps that her husband purchased, she rushes to find the CIA agent who it turns out, was the man from the team that had been assumed dead. During the final climatic altercation, he dies, and she rushes to the government to turn in the stamps. There she discovers that “Peter” was a government agent the whole time and responsible for the recovery of the stamps. He proposes to her and they live happily ever after.

I love that movie. There are several reasons why, the chief one being that there are no better actors than Audrey and Carey together. They are brilliant, simply brilliant. The movie would have been worthless if these two had not done the roles. The movie and actors were nominated for several Golden Globes. Hepburn herself won a BAFTA for the role of “Reggie.” The costuming in this movie, especially for Audrey, is beautiful. Everything is exquisitely tailored, and done to perfection. In fact this is the movie that made me become a hard suitcase owner. I scoured every vintage store and estate sale until I had the perfect hard luggage set. Overall, it is a brilliant, fun, and suspenseful movie that will have you going crazy. Also you can watch it on Netflix Instant. So go, grab a drink, and settle in for a wonderful movie, you will not regret this.

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