Obama Files for 2012 Reelection

Obama formally filed for reelection today, and marked the occasion with this video. Pro tip: do NOT read the YouTube comments. Whew.

Obama for America

Naturally, there’s the usual chorus of, “Why should we reelect that bum, what has he done for us?” from the peanut gallery. According to, quite a bit. I decided to check Politifact’s “Obameter” for more information. They’ve been keeping track of his original campaign promises and whether he’s delivered, stalled, made some progress, or broken them.

The good news is that the majority (353 out of 506) have been rated “Promise Kept” or “In The Works.” Credit card bill of rights! Healthcare reform! Stem cell research! Repealing DOMA (sort of)! Funding the VA and the Violence Against Women Act! Unfortunately, a few key ones – closing Guantanamo Bay, repealing the Bush tax cuts, introducing a comprehensive immigration bill – fall under “Promises Broken.”

What say you, Persephoneers? What were you hoping to see in his first term as POTUS? Are you excited to do some grassroots campaigning for him in 2012, or will you grudgingly vote for Obama as the lesser of the two evils? Or might you consider voting for whoever the GOP eventually shores up? What do you want to see the Prez accomplish between now and Election Day?

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I’m not surprised he’s stalled (and “in the works” could be a looooong time before we see results) on some promises and broken others. I was never too impressed by Obama. Maybe because I’ve heard all the big talk before and know that it rarely comes to action, or that the hope and change nonsense was promising more than he could deliver, or that people would be expecting change to come overnight and that’s not realistic.

He’s better than the last guy, without a doubt, and better than the alternative would surely have been. But he’s still just a guy, and now he’s fighting against a divided Congress. A lot of those “promises kept” happened under unified government. It’s going to be much harder the closer it gets to election time to get anything done because it’s going to get more and more politicized.

That said, I’ll probably vote for him again. It’s pretty much impossible to find a candidate I’d agree with 100% of the time. Hell, I work for Bossman, and I don’t agree with him on a couple of pretty major sticking points. That doesn’t make him a bad guy or his overall mission a bad one. But 2012 will also be an election year for Bossman, so I will probably not be doing much on the Obama front. Besides, I live in New York, so NBD.

The same day this launched Obama decided to keep the military commissions system in place for 9/11 suspects, despite his campaign promise that they would be tried in civilian courts. More here:

This is the kind of shit that really chaps my hide- the legal issues. Guantanamo is bullshit. Non-civilian trials are bullshit. DOMA is bullshit (I find the waffling on this issue extremely frustrating). The DADT repeal was championed by congressional leaders and non-governmental groups with little leadership from the President.

And I really hate his education policy stance. I hated Candidate Obama’s education policy stance, and I loathe Duncan. It’s this same Michelle Rhee corporitization of schools, rationing education through charters, not repealing NCLB, and blaming teachers for everything. In higher ed the Administration is focused on degree attainment while paying no attention to quality. Gainful employment could really use leadership from Obama or Duncan, but they won’t stand up to corporations that are making billions from federal student aid dollars. The new ‘toolkit’ released by the department of ed was basically written by the Lumina Foundation, which got its’ money from Sally Mae, and it is FULL of performance funding measures, basically making it ‘NCLB goes to college’

I’m also quite sick of Obama rhetoric. What the hell is “Winning the Future,”? The meaningful problems in our country deserve more than just buzzwords, and that is what I fear this campaign will be- Hope and Change: The Return.

And I realize that Bachmann/Palin/Romney would be worse, so I’ll be voting for Obama, but I will be working for a congressional candidate, mayoral race, or labor union.

I feel like he’s done the best he can, given the system that’s already in place. Yeah, we elected him under a promise of sweeping change, but there are roadblocks that have been in place for years that all his ideology couldn’t get through. And that was even BEFORE the Boehner House started its crap. So I’ll vote for him again. Even being blocked he’s better than any alternative I can think of.

I really have no idea. I’m a fence sitter. Although if the candidates are like… Michelle Bachman or Palin then my vote is default Obama.

It bothers me that there *are* smart republican women out there, but the party chooses stupid ones to represent them! Obama actually has done a lot of what he’s promised, but I agree, he hasn’t come through on the biggies, so again, I just don’t know.

BTW I am not a liberal or conservative, although I tend to vote more liberal. I’m an independent bitch.

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