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Open Thread, Holiday Weekend Style

Happy Friday to us all! Many of you are celebrating spring holidays this week and weekend, so whether you’re traveling or just sticking home I hope it’s a good one. It’s time for us to close up shop for the weekend, but we’ll see you all at the crack o’ noon on Monday.

To hold you over, here’s your WTF song for the day. I tried searching on YouTube for a cute bunny-related song in honor of Easter, and this is what came up. How is this a thing? It also has over 3 million hits, which is kind of astounding. Um, anyway, enjoy?

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I had a wonderful 11 days with my boyfriend…

… but now it’s back to NYC and I don’t have enough time in the next three days to finish projects (a 7+ page book review and a collaborative essay).

Additionally, I heard a rumor that the LIRR isn’t running to my school so I have to take A BUS. That’s right, a BUS for 2+ hours, 2 days in a row. That cuts my work time available by about 4 hours.

I feel sick to my stomach and it’s a mix of despair from once again being separated and the stressful, stressful world of graduate school.

There were baby wolves in the first episode!:)

I think I’m glossing over things that would bother me if I hadn’t read the books, because I just think “oh, that isn’t how it is in the books” so what happens in the series isn’t ‘real’. Not sure if that makes any sense.

I will be watching the next episode, though.

I haven’t read the books but am really enjoying the show so far, as much as one can enjoy a programme with so many horrible/dark elements. I realise there’s probably a lot of subtext that I’m missing but it’s done a good job of fleshing out some of the character relationships and I haven’t felt like it’s too exposition-heavy. Though I have to admit to having made use of HBO’s website explaining all the different family trees… :) I’ve also been told a few spoilers by a friend who read the books; *spoiler* including what happened at the end of yesterday’s ep. I said the direwolves were awesome and he goes ‘don’t get too attached’… the gobshite! :)

I hate writing papers where the prompt is “tell me how it made you feel”. What is that bull shit? I like classical music, but I don’t think I could fill up 3 pages, single-spaced with my feelings about my grandmother passing away. How the hell am I supposed to write that much about Chopin’s Polonaise in Ab Major? I’m (only slightly) jokingly thinking about writing a complaint; this is academic discrimination against the emotionally stunted.

Seriously, why can I write 20 pages on the effectiveness of food stamps as a social safety-net, but not even 2 pages on how Chopin makes me feel? Blurgh.

Happy Easter yourself! Can you believe I had to stop and think who “The Blues” were? I shouldn’t have let my brain atrophy so much over the Easter break! How did the cooking and feasting go?

I’m (reluctantly) back to the real world after taking a few days off… A couple of days after submitting my dissertation, the exhaustion of the last few months (years?) caught up with me and hit me like a ton of bricks, and I’m still recovering from that. My family and friends jokingly call it postpartum depression – not to trivialize actual depression, of course, but if there is an academic equivalent of having a baby, this has to be it!

Hi! The food was great, the house was packed. Mr. Blue outdid himself on a turkey. We also had several little kids over, I mean, with their parents, and they wreaked havoc, as they do, terrifying KittenBlue and leaving food and other objects in strange places. That business will make you double-check your birth control, lemme tell ya. But, they are cute, and it was a lot of fun.

I’m glad you took some time off; that has to be a huge weight off your shoulders, but also a very dislocating sense as well. A huge focus of your life is now ended. I think you deserve some time to let that all sink in and find your next direction. Do you know what that is, just yet? Will you be staying in Spain? Going elsewhere?

I’m actually Spanish, and yes, we are staying put. About my new direction… No huge time-consuming project, just continuing to build up my CV so I can apply for a tenure-track position. I’m soooo looking forward to working on small projects that take only a few weeks, like papers and conference presentations! At some point I will have to start thinking of turning my dissertation into a book, just not now. How’s your research going?

Op! I’m sorry, for some reason I thought that you were only studying there. That was dumb. Well it will be nice, I expect, to take on some smaller projects after such a long stretch. Will you even read for fun now?! Just think.
The research is going. I can’t really get a lot of books here. I ordered some on a kind of African, but it’s been a month and they’re still bumping along somewhere that is not my apartment. However, I’ll be in the states soon and able to access what I need. In the meantime I am applying for a grant in the hopes of working on this fulltime. I don’t know if they will like my proposal though, since it has to be more theory and less fact, given my lack of resources. If not I will get a Real Job, and reapply next year for grants, when the project is more in hand. Still, I am happy: like you it’s nice to change things up and I like the prospect of a longterm objective stretching out ahead….

Being told I can’t do any weight-bearing exercise tougher than walking is making my lazy self want to try C25K again once I get the all-clear from the physio.
And on that note, has anyone tried an Enell sports bra? What did you think? My other alternative is looking like M&S which might not be as good but is a lot cheaper….

Yes, UGLY, with all those hooks up the front and the super duper coverage. Also, shiny. Still totally worth it.

I am not the most sweaty exerciser, so I’m not sure I can give a good sweat rating, but it really does hold you in well. One warning – the first time I put it on, I thought I might not be able to breathe ever again, but it loosens up a little over time (though not so much as to render it ineffective).

Hello friends! I made an amazing discovery today. I have some work I need to do for Tuesday but was finding it really difficult to work in the house, since the fella’s home and it’s a gorgeous, hot day (25C, yessss). All the libraries in this town are closed because of Easter (we’re talking the uni library, my college library, my department library, hell even the public library) and the thought of working in a stuffy coffee place seemed really unpleasant. So I had a stroke of genius: I went to the pub. The pub round the corner from me has a sort of front garden with tables, perfectly positioned for sunshine. Sat outside with the laptop, sipped a cold cider (no beer over passover, boo), and worked all afternoon. I was *so productive* it’s unreal. I have found my new summer workspace!!!

Now it’s 20 minutes until the new series of Doctor Who premieres. Could not be more content with life, for the first time in a long time (I am very stressed out these days :) ).

Any other persephoneers mad excited for New Who???

I’m super excited for New Who, but I refuse to watch it until I catch up on all my previous Who episodes! I’m currently stuck on the end of Season 4. I can’t find the final episodes online and the suspense is KILLING me!!!

I’m *this* close to getting Netflix just so I can get all caught up!

So excited for New Who. I’ll watch it on Wednesday after I finish my assignments. It’s the best incentive to actually work and it will (in theory) keep me off the internet for fear of spoilers. Now I need to go to bed before I accidentally stay up for another hour and justify downloading it because, hey, willpower and motivation and assignments are for suckers.


@moshmoshkla: It’ll take you a while to get accustomed to the new Doc in s5 – I mourned Tennant for a long time – but I hope you get to like him eventually! He’s very much won me over and I never expected it.

@Erica Ward: No spoilers from me, except that Moffat wasn’t kidding about the scary. Make sure you have something clutchable and soothing within easy reach…

So my neurologist appointment is apparently on Monday instead of Tuesday, so yesterday I got to run around picking up all the paperwork that I need for that.

Got my MRI results, that say “Small right posterolateral T 7-8 disc protrusion. This causes slight impression on the spinal cord.”

I had the MRI at the beginning of March. How come no-one has told me this? The last recommendation I received was “It is probably a pinched nerve, so for physical activity, do what you can. If doing 20 minutes of cardio is too much, do 10.” But when the MRI was done, all I was told was “We need a second opinion and are sending you to a neurologist.” Not, “We need a second opinion, are sending you to a neurologist, and it might be a good idea to take things as easy as possible to not aggravate this because there is a possibility of it becoming herniated.” Oh, and also? There are other protrusions that are not causing neural compression, so those one are asymptomatic.

Dear medical professionals: I get angry when you don’t tell me things. I’m enough of a sickie that I will someday look at my record, because I will have to go to a specialist that wants everything hand-delivered. In general, as long as I know what’s going on, I don’t freak out. When I find out you’ve been hiding stuff from me? (Like that time my one doctor wrote on my chart “If she keeps having Crohn’s flares this frequently, we are going to put her on top-tier drugs,” haha, good luck getting me to consent to those when my Crohn’s is this mild and you haven’t even tried second-tier drugs)

I am a bit of a Ranty McRanterpants this morning. Part of that is that Beowulf (which we now know to be a spinal protrusion) was very cranky yesterday and is very cranky today. And I know that I need to bring my laundry upstairs, which Beowulf hates.

Ugh. I hear ya. Three years ago, I had a herniated disc, and it was a huge pain, literally and figuratively. I ended up saying no to back surgery (I figured having a back surgery at 34 was not a good idea) and went to a chiropractor instead. After about 4 months of intense treatment (time wise, it didn’t hurt a bit), I was 95% better!

I hope you find the source and solution to your troubles, it’s not fun, that’s for sure!

Yeah, I am going to see about chiropractic work… it may be contraindicated because of the location of the protrusion (‘sup, thoracic protrusions? Dude, no-one gets you, what is your deal?) I am definitely going to see about physical therapy, as I’ve had amazing results with it before for different issues. As for medications… I can’t really do NSAIDs or long-term oral steroids because of the Crohn’s (also oral steroids make me neeeed to exercise or I get terrible side effects, and I will need to be resting as much as possible…), so am going to ask about cortisone injections.

I’m confident that we’ll find a solution. Considering that I hate not being active, it might be kind of difficult. At this point, though, I have some type of diagnosis, and that is a huuuuuge first step.

Because I am a huge nerd, I was going to try to make the Venn diagram of Hogwarts houses for the reading group challenge. Upon consulting the interwebs, however, I have discovered that it is impossible to make an accurate Venn diagram with four circles, because each circle can’t intersect at enough points to create all possible combinations. The more you know.

I love audio commentary so much. In any context. But some of my favorites are the audio commentary on Beauty and the Beast and the audio commentary on whatever episode in season 1 of Mad Men where Jon Slattery invites himself to dinner with Don and Betty. Yes, everyone on Mad Men is brilliant which naturally equals brilliant commentary, but BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. That commentary is fucking amazing! They talk about Howard Ashman who was fucking dying of mother fucking AIDS during the filming urging Paige O’Hara to be more like Barbara Streisand. Really. If you bought the “special edition” in the latest round of Disney vault releases or (like me) you have the edition from 2002 you need to listen to that shit. Super Awesome.

Can anyone definitively answer this question for me: does Netflix instant provide audio commentary when it is available?

Blog update, on trouble sleeping and having bad dreams

I feel this is relevant, because it’s 4.15am here in London, and once again I am wide awake :( That said, I’m always pleased that the Persephone open thread is posted at this time, as it gives me something to read while I’m unable to drift off to sleep. Hi y’all!

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