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Open Thread: Monday Monday Edition

Is it Monday again, already? I’m not exactly sure where the last week has gone.

How was your day? What does this week hold in store for you?


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I am maaaad at my students today. A week ago I gave them some homework for today and I told them that it was very important that they all did it, because we would continue working on those activities and building on them over the next few classes. This was actually code for “you don’t know it yet, but one of this semester’s assessments is going to be based on this homework”. Of course, most of them did a half-assed job, and a few didn’t do anything at all. Next week it will dawns on them that they are at a disadvantage with those who DID do the homework, and they will probably complain that I didn’t warn them. I know they are only freshmen but seriously, this is college, start taking responsibility for your own work!

My Monday was pretty hellish and today’s going to be tough, though not a patch on yesterday. However, no matter what, it’s all going to be done by Wednesday evening and then I can take a deep breath and a long walk and then a nap.

Now I have an hour to finish this eight-page paper (I have a page and a half, eep). Go brain go!

My dad JUST figured out last night that Nathan Fillion is Canadian. My dad couldn’t have a bigger man-crush on the dude, has had one since we saw Serenity in theaters all those years ago, but JUST NOW went “Wait… he’s Canadian?!” Cue patriotic joy.

One of the many reasons I enjoy my father.

Ah, Diet Coke… I know how you feel. The summer I discovered Diet Coke Lemon I almost gave myself an ulcer! But I also hated the way the taste of artificial sweeteners would stay in my mouth all day long, so I ended up quitting sugarfree soda altogether. Now I find it more satisfying to enjoy a regular Coke every now and then than to chug the diet stuff all day every day.

Coffee, on the other hand… I should probably try to cut down even more (I’m down to two cups a day, but my stomach is still complaining about it), but I can’t deal with the caffeine withdrawal headaches at the moment. Plus, I don’t do great with restriction (force myself to give up something = immediately get an uncontrollable craving for that thing).

Giving up coffee is soooo hard. I’ve been trying to cut down to one cup a day but then the headaches, and in the morning when it’s hard to get moving anyway you end up thinking “WELL ONE MORE CUP COULDN’T HURT RIGHT?”

(I have no self control. At least my intake has stabilized at 20 oz in the morning :( )

Sadly, I can’t drink coffee–love the smell, but can’t abide the taste. So it’s Diet Coke or tea, which is nice and all but doesn’t hold up when you need a serious caffeine infusion.

But the Diet Coke kills my stomach and I think the artificial sweetener gives me other problems so I’m trying to quit, For Real This Time. But I love the taste so much.

It’s a hopeless business.

This week is already killing me. Right now, I’m studying for this gigantic exam which determines whether I can become a PhD candidate – right now I am a lowly MSc student hoping to transfer programs. I have a related presentation to give tomorrow, and decided to drink 2 cups of coffee in order to stay up and prepare. That was a *really* bad decision, because I am not a coffee drinker and have been shaking from the caffeine overdose for the past several hours.

I just finished watching a VHS of classic SNICK shows: Clarissa Explains it All, Pete & Pete, Ren & Stimpy, Roundhouse, and best of all Are you Afraid of the Dark. Nostalgia got the best of me so I went to see if DVDs of Are You afraid of the Dark are available and I couldn’t believe the price. For just season 1 on Amazon it was $260 new or $150 used! Am I missing something or are these prices insane? Oh and Clarissa had this awesome quote in the episode I saw, “Best friends aren’t supposed to move away until you’re old and moldy…like 25”

Also: the name I wanted was free on WordPress, but not on youtube or twitter… so I’m thinking of changing the name, but the video has it listed as the original name (thinking of going from Uberthink to Uberthinkable. Is that just dumb? I don’t know.)

I’m replying because I can’t edit. I think I am going to sleep on this blog-name-thing and see if I can come up with something else. I really liked Uberthink, but… eugh. Someone else has it. Ultimately, I’d like to have one e-mail address, youtube account, twitter account, and wordpress account with one name, so I’d better like it and it’d better be available on every one of those things.

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